Sunday, August 5, 2012

Limitless Blessings (11-20)

I've been intermittently reading a book talking about finding blessings in all circumstances.

Most of the time, that's my regular personality.

Try to look at the bright side of things.

A while ago, I attempted to start counting my blessings on this blog...

...but see, I'm not so great at follow through.

So- even though it's about 3 months overdue, here's the second installment:

11.  Opportunities to have time with friends last week.  I had three girl's nights/days with great friends - and I loved every minute of each of them.

12.  Finding a new favorite restaurant.

13.  Gluten free stuffed french toast.  With homemade vanilla and raspberry syrup. And Decaf Tiramisu coffee.

14.  Family dinners with great old friends.

15.  Tylenol.  For sinus headaches.

16.  A husband who lets me sleep in.

17.  For that little organizational person that rears her head once in awhile and forces me to get things done.

18.  For a grandma who purchases a bible for my son.  (and gym shoes)

19.  For partially done ironing.

20.  For friends who also serve as our vet - who sit next to us at church - on a particularly difficult morning with the canine.  For those friends who give us a wake-up call about rearing young pets and their needs.

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