Sunday, August 19, 2012

Limitless Blessings (31-40)

31.  For the Love Shack.  And all the people it's brought into our lives.  And their unscheduled visits and their ability to Praise God under all circumstances.

32.  For impromptu catch-up visits with old friends....and kids who get along.  And amazing conversations that never end.

33.  For friends who can feel our prayers.

34.  For our new interim pastor...and any changes he'll make.

35.  For yummy steak dinners.  With sweet corn fresh from the farmer's market.

36.  For a husband who doesn't yell at me even though my tossing and turning keeps him awake all night long.

37.  For a great birthday for C.

38.  For A's friends who are nice enough to include C. in their birthday party.

39.  For a fantastic night eating dinner with a friend- and a new chili recipe.

40.  For a husband who will understand that I need a nap today.  (wink, wink, honey!)


Anonymous said...

So... did you get that nap?

Sandy said...

YES! A 3 hour one!