Tuesday, August 14, 2012



Today you are five.

Five years old.

Half of a decade.

I have always made fun of those old bitties that say things like

"Wow, where has the time gone?"

Well, your mom is officially an old bitty today.

Where have the last 5 years gone?!?!?!?

It seems like yesterday that I was pregnant with you,

feeling the first pangs of labor shortly before daddy's alarm clock went off,

and totally (happily) surprised when you came into the world only 9 1/2 hours into labor.

After 2 pushes, you came into the world....ready for action.

I should have known this was a precursor to your personality.

Jump into everything feet first....ready for action.

No fear.

It seems like yesterday, you had this perfectly round little bald head....

....content to suck your thumb, and jump in the jumparoo.

And now...here you are.

Full of fun, energy, eagerness, energy, love, energy, and smiles.

Did I mention energy??

You've had quite a year, little man.

Loss of a family pet,

learning to love a new one (which took you all of 2 seconds),

your first basketball team

(you always PUFFED out your chest every time you put that team shirt on)

Your first soccer league

Even though you scored one goal for the other team,

you still scored 3 for your team.

Mommy bribed you to get aggressive with the ball.

Ice cream always got great results.

After every goal, you'd scream from across the field,


Even off the field, you were good for some laughs.  :)

You have no problem putting on a show,

and are tend to be very upset when someone else is hurt or in pain.

Empathy is something that seems to come naturally to you.

Be grateful for that, some people never master that trait.

I love that about you.

Ever since you were 3 years old, you have randomly told me,

"Mom, I'm ready for my little sister now."


I always said,

"Mommy and daddy are done with babies. We'll love on other people's little sisters, ok?"

Perhaps God had clued you into something before the rest of us.

You were always so sure.

You are very task-oriented, and LOVE helping daddy with chores and jobs.

Your moon boots are still out- since I can't seem to keep them off your feet.

People have made comments to you, but you're not phased by their jest.

You like your boots, and you are who you are.

I love that about you. 

When you're not fighting, you adore your big brother.

When you're playing nicely together, you always try to encourage it by saying things like,

"This is fun, huh, buddy?"

You were his biggest cheering section during his baseball and track meets.

Even though he loves to stick you in the "pesky little brother" box,

(which sometimes you totally EARN)

I can tell you two love each other.

And have each other's backs.

I love that about you two.

I must be honest here.

Sometimes, when I think about you, or talk to you,

This is the little boy I see:

This sweet thumb-sucking baby,

eager to smile,

great sleeper,

my little bald baby.

Somehow, overnight....

You're here.



This sweet little baby

With your big blue eyes

And your cute little belly laugh

And your fast ninja-like crawl 

Has given way to this

social, easy-friend making,

quick to smile,

fast running,



Ice cream LOVING,

taco devouring,


little boy.

So, on your 5th birthday,

I'm reconciling the fact that you are no longer a baby.

You're growing up.

I know that it will feel like tomorrow, and I'll be writing a 16th birthday post.

I'll still say the same thing,

"Where did the time go?"

Time with you is going way, way too fast.

But remember one thing:

No matter how old you get...

whether you're


or 15

or 35.

You'll always be my baby boy.

Happy Birthday, Bug-a-boo.

I love you more than words.


mrsmarkdave said...

Oh my gosh this made me tear up. Happy Birthday, C!!! How very sweet.

Anonymous said...

What a sweet kiddo - and ever so big! So happy to get to celebrate him today - he was the best birthday boy!