Monday, August 6, 2012

Apron Strings

I put both boys on a school bus this morning.

Not to school.

To camp.

This is C's first year participating in camp.

This is A's 5th year.

Both boys were JAZZED to go this morning.

They each had some nervous energy as we packed up to go.

C. held my hand tightly in line, but promptly let go and ran up the steps of bus as soon as they said he was "all set."

I asked A. to sit with him this morning - since it was the first time C. rode on a bus.  Ever.

(I had to warn Captain Safety (C) that there were no seat belts on the bus....his eyes got HUGE).

So, C. picked the seat, and A. filled in next to him. 

I went to the window, waved.

They waved.

I blew a kiss.

A. gave me a "thumbs up."

C. blew a kiss.

(Thanks, A.).

I went to my van and sat there while everyone else checked in.

Then, I watched as the bus fired up the engine, and rolled out of the parking lot.

With BOTH of my big boys in tow.

My van was empty...except for me.  No kids with me.

I choked back a few tears.  (But my dad raised a tough girl, so they didn't fall.  :)

The bus was turning left, so I passed it to turn right to head home. 

Their heads turned to watch me pull away, and I got a few extra waves.

I waved back.  Knot in throat.

I know they're in good hands at this camp.  They build friendships, and have great memories.  They're safe and happy.  I know this.

I'll get lots of things done.  I'll organize closets, be very productive at work, blog, grocery shop (BY MYSELF!!!), rest, and prepare for C's birthday party next week.  Heck, I may even start a craft.  I'm going to enjoy some time to myself.  Some quiet. 

But I'll miss them.

This is just one more thing that pulls those apron strings a little looser.

One more thing (in a long list of things) that is preparing me to cut those strings someday.

That day is going to come all too soon.

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Anonymous said...

I just did Liam's birthday post and oh my, I'm way too weepy over the apron strings. Ugh.