Sunday, August 26, 2012

Limitless Blessings (41-50)

I hope this finds you having a fantastic weekend!

Mine, thus far, has been blissful.



 I could probably write a list of 100 things today that I'm thankful for...but I'll condense it to just 10.  :)

41.  An amazing baby shower yesterday full of AMAZING decorations, wonderful (GLUTEN FREE) food, fantastic ladies, and generous gifts.  It was all I could have hoped for and more.  (pictures forthcoming)

42.  For a fantastic school to send my kids to.  Where I know that they are loved, cared for, and taught to high standards- both academically and spiritually.

43.  For good nights of sleep.  They come about every fourth night.

44.  For doors going up in the addition!  Gosh, I love our doors.

45.  For baby girl clothes.  Seriously....they are SO cute- it's like CRACK.  I'm addicted.  :)

46.  For friends who love crafting as much as I do.  :)

47.  For the ability to work from home.  Yes, it's a double edged sword sometimes, but it truly is a blessing.

48.  For Pintrest.  It makes my life super fancy.  :)

49.  For a husband who will sit and read chapter books with the boys.

50.  For effective bribery- a fantastic tool in my parenting repertoire.

What are YOU thankful for?


S.I.F. said...

A gluten free baby shower?!? That sounds like some incredibly thoughtful friends you have! :) I am thankful for an incredible weekend as well... makes going back to work tomorrow a little bittersweet!

Anonymous said...

Love you - that is all!

Lin said...

As much as I say I'd like to work at home, I dont think it'd be a very good idea since the probability of anything getting done would be ZERO haha. You sure are one lucky gal...look at this fabulous list!