Wednesday, August 22, 2012


last night  :  little sleep

baby girl  :  active

c.  :  accident

Ally  :  accident

laundry  :  in process

baking soda  :  deodorizing

dog  :  washed

boys  :  helpful

mom  :  knocking on wood

dish washer  :  running

baby girl's dresser  :  painted

fans  :  running

windows  :  open

boys  :  hungry

my butt  :  sitting down to work

me  :  tired


Mama M. said...

When I saw "colon" I figured someone, for sure, had a tummy bug. Or a colonoscopy. Enema?

Sandy said...

AH! Spoken by a friend with tummy issues?

I titled it due to my over use of the colon. :)

Anonymous said...

This just makes me think of Jack's pronunciation of something else. :) me : love you, friend!