Thursday, August 23, 2012

40 - 32 = 8 WEEKS LEFT!

I'm 32 weeks pregnant today!

The belly has taken over.

(Sorry about the poor photo quality- C. took it and my battery is low...)

Even though the photo is can see that baby girl and I are running out of room.

But I'm measuring right on for weeks, so I guess this hugeness is an appropriate size.

Here's a top down shot:

Here's a few Baby Girl pregnancy highlights:

  • I have a shower this weekend!  It's being hosted by two of my favorite ladies, and I'm VERY excited!  The guest list is full of awesome ladies, and I'm looking forward to spending time with all of them.  Eeeeek!

  • I painted my toe nails for this weekend.  HA!  That was comical.  Very very comical.  If I have purple polish on my ankle, please don't say anything.  I just may cry.  (ha!  Just kidding)

  • I have a total of one craft project done for baby girl's room.  So, I'm actually totally grateful that her room isn't baby-ready as of yet....lowers the pressure to decorate.  But I'm looking forward to it!

  • I still don't have cankles!  (knock on wood)  My feet have started to swell, and I've had to adjust my Tevas...but the Dr. said that we can still see bones and that's a good thing. 

  • Two appointments ago, I gained 3.6 pounds.  On Monday's visit, I lost 3.8.  Not sure how that happened...but that keeps my total weight gain hoovering right above 11 pounds.  Actually, 11.2 to be exact.  I gained a total of 11.4 with C...(and a total of 47 with A).  The doctor was pleased that my weight is stable, and wasn't concerned at all with the weight loss.  I'm happy with that!  Now, if only she weighed 11 pounds at birth, right?!?!?

  • We're busy going through all our baby necessities, and I'm excited that we're so blessed with good friends who are very willing to give us most of it.  It's saved us a ridiculous amount of money!  In the next few weeks, we'll be picking up a bassinet from my friend, Sarah, and setting up baby camp in the corner of our bedroom- just in case baby girl makes her debut a tad early.

  • Both of my boys were early.  A. was 4 days, and C. was 9 days early.  I'm under no misconceptions that Baby Girl will follow suit.  She's measuring a week small, and this entire pregnancy, God has kept me reminded that I'm not the one in charge here- He is.  So....I have a feeling (and am preparing myself) for a late arrival.  I'm crossing my fingers it's not more than ONE day late, though....I'm impatient by nature.  :)  (and more than a little excited to meet her face to face!!!)

  • There is ONE friend who knows the baby's name.  She is starting a craft with her name in it, and sent me a picture of it and dimensions so we can plan the wall hangings accordingly.  It was amazing how giddy I got seeing her name like that.  Eeeek!  I'm so excited to announce it to everyone!  (You know, cause I won't be pregnant anymore!)


Anonymous said...

So, so excited for this weekend and so excited for 8 weeks from now (though, medically speaking, anytime would be all right, not optimal, but all right - woo hoo on that one!!! This is how my mind works).

Mama M. said...

Gah. Can I at least know the first letter of her name????? You're killing me over here. And, you're giving me pregnancy fever.

Rebecca B said...

You look beautiful as ever :) Good job on only gaining 11 lbs! Remember, in addition to baby girl, there are some other things that will add up to the loss of 11 maybe you will be back down to your pre-pregnancy weight quickly! I lost 20 lbs in a week after Hannah was born. Love the post-pregnancy weight loss plan, lol. :)
Can't wait to find out her name!