Thursday, July 19, 2012

Last post of the second trimester!

Today I am officially 27 weeks pregnant.

One more week of the second trimester.

Actually, it depends on who you talk to...some say 26 weeks, some 27 and some 28.

My OB says it's "technically 27 weeks and 3 days...but who's counting?!?!"

So, we'll go with 28 weeks, and I'll bid the second trimester a fond adieu with this post.

So, here I am at 27 weeks:

(photo by A.)

So, here's a recap so far:

  •  At my Dr. appt yesterday, I gained 0.2 pounds over the last 4 weeks.  Making my total weight gain 10.2 pounds.

  • My blood pressure yesterday read a happy 110/60.  (This is HALF of what it was with A!)

  • I do believe my stomach is having a hard time with dairy lately.  I'm not sure why....because I survived on dairy at the beginning.  Weird. 
  • Cravings?  fruit.  Keep it comin.'

  • It's a girl.  Yes, we have a name.  No, we're not telling.  :)

  • Things I miss:  regular underwear.  Buttoning pants.  Sleeping on my back.

  • Things I'm looking forward to:  working on getting baby girl's room ready!  We have 13 weeks to make it happen.  It currently looks like this: 

  • As stated before, I sit in the Dr. office waiting for my appt. comparing cankles.  So far, I think I'm doing ok.  (?)  I can see I consider that a success.  hehe See for yourself:

  • I understand that my toes look horrible.  My sciatic nerve won't let me do them myself without horrible pain, and this month's envelopes aren't allowing for a pedi.  Hopefully August will give me a little wiggle room for pretty piggies.  :)

  • In addition to the returning sciatic nerve pain I had with C., I'm also experiencing the JOY of round ligament pain.'s just a ball of fun. 

  • I'm ecstatic to be PAST the viability week!  When I was in the ER at 14 weeks with issues, they said that the viability week was week 26.  At that point, if the baby were to be born, there was a 50% chance of survival.  Until 26 weeks, the Dr. said that they usually don't do much if the pregnancy shows signs of distress.  So, we've been holding our breath until week 26.  Well, now we're at week 27. YEAH, BABY!  I'm also happy to report my contractions have decreased dramatically since the 18th week.  This makes me very happy.

  • I'm starting to experience some reoccurring nausea again.  I don't remember it coming back this early with the boys.    I believe that this is the whole boy/girl thingy.

  • This little Miss LOVES her daddy!  Seriously....she'll be quiet as a mouse all the live-long day.  He comes home and says, "Hello," and she starts jumping all around.  She.loves.her.daddy.  I'm amazed at how early that bond forms.  :)

  • We're now into the every-2-week Doctor visit schedule.  I can't believe we're there already.  But I LOVE LOVE LOVE my seeing her is like visiting with an old friend.  I'm praying I go into labor on her day to deliver.  (She was out on maternity leave for both boys.....seriously- great timing, huh?)

  • My next visit includes the glucose test.  I want to hurl just thinking about it.  Thank goodness the glucola is gluten free.  (and kinda darn too.).

  • The boys were RAILING on me for not telling them the baby's name.  I told them that since they have big mouths, there was NO WAY we were sharing that information with them. a gesture of good faith, I told them her middle name and said if they could keep it a secret for 8 weeks, we'd tell them her name.  Yeah....the secret lasted LESS than 24 hours.  Yep....I think I called it on that one.  :)


mrsmarkdave said...

I was going to say - you hardly have cankles. And I think your toes look fine. They look better than mine, and I have no excuse.

Unknown said...

Well, now I can't wait to find out her name. I promise I won't tell!

Sarann said...

Yay for the third tri!!! I am now on weekly appointments, oh the joy since I have to drive 75 miles each way! I'm happy that you are doing well and hope the rest passes happily and healthy for you!

S.I.F. said...

What a cute bump! And your ankles/feet look GREAT!