Thursday, July 5, 2012


Because my computer is taking an inordinate time transmitting my audit report,

....I am able to blog.

Because my mom is a rock star and takes the boys overnight,

....I am able to work my arse off.
.... I love her all the more.
.....I hope to get a nap.
....and I'm hoping to give my downstairs bathroom a deep clean.

Because the windows arrived today,

....Dave is working here at the house for a bit putting them in!
.... I can go to the township offices to ask for some rough-inspections
(mechanical, electrical and plumbing)
....I'm doing a happy dance!

Because the dryer is broken,

.....I'm not doing laundry.
...... or changing sheets

Because I'm meeting my dear friend Jeanie tonight,

.....I'm wearing clean clothes :)
.....I'm sticking my hair in the no-heat hair curling technique to have pretty locks
..... I'm leaving my husband with left-overs and a quiet house for dinner

Because Aldi Salt Water Taffy is gluten free,

.....well, I bought a bag.
..... and I hid them from everybody else
..... and I'm limiting myself to 3 pieces a day
..... and I'm enjoying each and every one (except the black licorice yuck)

Because Dave and the boys had their annual camp out on Tuesday night, one got more than 3 hours of sleep
.... they were ALL HOT
..... they were Dave was a wee bit cranky for the 4th of July
.... A. started to show signs of heat-exhaustion after the bike parade
..... A. freaked his mama out!

Because A. took a FOUR HOUR nap yesterday,

....he got to stay up and go out with Dave for fireworks last night.

Because C. REFUSED to lay down at all,

...he missed the fireworks.
.....tearfully went to bed at 7pm and slept blissfully until 7am this morning.
.... and is currently counting down to when he can watch fireworks too (364 days)

Because I have awesome friends,

......I consider them family.
.... I love them mucho.

Because I have some awesome friends currently in the midst of heartache or strife,

.....I'm praying.  A lot.
..... I'm making dinners and delivering them.
.....  I'm thinking of them. A lot
.... I wish I could do more to help.
..... I'm never short of hugs and tissues.

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trooppetrie said...

Because my husband is deployed I am working my butt off to lose weight to surprise him, down 56 pounds so far.
Because my MIL has the girls this week I feel off course, not use to doing laundry and dishes on my own