Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ten on Tuesday update

1.  Our van is fixed!  With a happy little tune-up, a new coil kit (huh?) and a new alternator, our van is purring like a kitten again.  We're MUCH happier to spend $545 to fix it rather than $5000 for a new (used, of course...we aren't non-smart enough to take the initial depreciation hit on brand new vehicles)one.  To top it off, the wheel strut tower that Grand Caravans usually have issues with is showing no signs of rust on our van....looks like we'll have her for a few more years!  (knock on wood)

2.  The boys started swimming lessons yesterday.  That is, in and of itself, a blog post of its own.

3.  We had insulation blown into the new addition yesterday.  Dave and Matt installed rolls of insulation in the basement.  Now, we wait for more inspections.  You know...we probably would have done all this energy efficiency stuff regardless....because it's smart.  But just knowing that the government is MAKING us to this- apparently because we can't be smart citizens trusted to make good decisions for ourselves- just kinda rubs me the wrong way.  Whatever....the house is progressing.  I'm happy about that.

4.  Drywall hopefully starts at the end of this week, and the siding was delivered yesterday.  The drywall is subcontracted out, but Dave will do the siding.  That's horribly tedious.  But- since it's a detail job- he's awesome at it.

5.  I'm on the look-out for new bedding for our bedroom.  I'd like to find it before I have to pick paint colors.  The budget is finite, and I'm not particularly inspired by what I see out there right now.

6.  I have yet to get into the RV to do a deep clean from our weekend trip.  I'm using the ever growing pile of laundry as an excuse to put it off.  Once all the laundry is done, I'll have to go out there to put it away.  Then I'll have to clean...until then, I'm just going to put it off another day.  I've got a camping hangover...and I'm tired.

7.  I've realized that up until 10 days before school begins, we have plans everyday.  At least, every week day.  From vbs to camp, Coast Guard Festival and swimming lessons to birthday celebrations....every darn day.  Except this Thursday and Friday.  I'm intending on enjoying those days right here at home....doing not a whole heck of a lot.

8.  My friend's husband returns home shortly after being gone for a long time.  I'm VERY excited for her to have him home again.  She was a total rock star while he was gone...but I know she's missed him dearly.  I've been praying for her every day while he was absent....and I'm just soooo excited for a happy reunion.  :)

9.  I'm praying for a nap today.

10.  I told the boys about what it means to register for gifts.  Now, they're so excited about registering, they're asking EVERY day, sometimes EVERY hour to go with me to register.  I'm thinking this may end up being a family trip.  :)


mrsmarkdave said...

Don't you know - it's the government's intention to make us too stupid to think for ourselves. Unfortunately, some people are already there.

Big Fat Gini said...

Mrsmarkdave took the words right out of my mouth...

Sounds like things are going swimmingly! Love how your sweet boys are so excited about registering for their sister!

Mama M. said...

Finally catching up after our "lo-cation"! Sad that it wasn't a Michication. :(
Laughed out loud at your "thong" killing a "different kind of crack" answer!!! Bwahahahahaha!
And, did you mean to say "driving slow in the right lane"? Isn't that the lane you're supposed to drive slow in and the left lane is the passing lane/fast lane? Now I'm so confused. Questioning everything I've ever known in life. Conflicted. Confuzzled.
Please send help...I'll be in the corner, sucking my thumb.

Anonymous said...

Oh happy day... he is home! Thank your for your prayers and blessed friendship!