Friday, July 13, 2012



This has been a loooooong week this summer.  By far, the longest feeling.

A. has had sports camp up at his school all week- which gave me a "fond" remembrance what it's like to commute everyday.  I'm kinda not looking forward to that again....and actually am at a total loss as to what we'll do when baby girl gets here.  I know I won't be able to drive for 2 weeks- my hemoglobin always drops too low, and I'm on Dr's orders not to drive.  Dave leaves for work around 6:30 everyday, and many times doesn't come home until 6:30 at night, so extended care is out of the equation.  Perhaps I pull them from school for 2 weeks?  Gosh, I just don't know.  Perhaps I'll just jump off that bridge when we come to it.

Anyway, I've also been fighting a bit of a stomach bug as well.  It's running rampant around here, and I've known two people now that have ended up in the ER for hydration so far.  Others, it's not too bad.  I've just had a "whonky" stomach for a few days, and have been focusing on resting when I can...I finally feel like I've turned a corner.  :)  I've said it before and I'll say it again....germs should be illegal in the summertime.

Anyway, Let's answer some questions!

1. What's your view on men wearing sandals (yay or nay)?

I must say, Mama M....I'm the exact opposite as you!  I am not a fan of flip flops on looks lazy.  But athletic sandals?  yep...fine by me!  (ahem, socks, please!)

2. What song do you love but are embarrassed to admit?

Oh....I'm blushing.  I'm ashamed to admit this.

Ready?  It goes a little somethin' like this"

"I like big butts, and I cannot lie.  You other brothers can't deny...."

Takes me back to college bar days.  Lots of fun.  And anyone who can rap about their love of curvaceous booties?  Well, that's just top notch in my book.  (Spoken by a woman who has a lot of junk in her trunk.)

And now you can forget I ever said anything about this totally outdated kinda gross song.  M'k?
3. What summer camp should they make for moms?

Camp Iwannagetaway.

This is a camp where you come and do whatever the heck you want.  Take naps, get fed (without having to prepare food- or clean up!), Laundry is outlawed, crafts are optional, and there's a mandatory sit-on-your-butt-and-read-a-book time every afternoon.  There's shopping day excursions, and best of all, they send a poor schlub from the camp staff to clean your house from top to bottom before you return home.

4. What is the most romantic song? (Not necessarily your favorite or your wedding song...)

Romantic song?    I'm having a hard time raking my brain on that one.  Every one I think of CLEARLY has strong sexual connotations to it.....Very strong.  Apparently, I have sex on the brain?  Sorry about that.  If I think of one, I'll come back and update.  :)  Deal?

5. Do you have an embarrassing pregnancy story?

Let me preface this by saying I'm not a big cry-er, in general. 
I was pregnant with A.  We were still technically "newly-weds."  Our biggest issue on date nights was trying to figure out where to go for dinner.  We usually did the whole process of elimination thing-

I don't want to go here...

you don't want to go there....

so, what's left?

So, one night, Dave decided to incorporate an estimate in one of our date nights (insert bone of contention with me....but it was happening more and more since he JUST started working for himself). 

It was 7pm before we got out of there, and I was hungry.  Not just hungry, dry-heaving hungry.  But so far past the point of feeling hungry, I wasn't really craving food anymore.   Oh, but I was ornery.

So, I told him to pick a place.  I didn't really flippin' care.  (there may or may not have been an *edge* to my voice on that one)

So, he started driving into a Blimpie.  What he didn't realize is that earlier in the pregnancy, I threw up some, smelling that place really wouldn't sit well with me.  So, I said, "If you're in the mood for subs, I'd really prefer going to Subway."

Ohhhhh, he went OFF.  (Apparently, he was a wee bit hungry too).  "WHY WOULD YOU LET ME CHOOSE WHEN YOU CLEARLY HAD AN OPINION ON WHERE YOU WANTED TO EAT?!?!?"

I started to cry.  And cry.  And cry.  He didn't say a word, but promptly drove me to the nearest Subway.  Where I kept crying....and couldn't stop.  So, I'm there at the counter ordering my Sweet Onion Chicken Teryaki sub...still crying. 

I ate my sub....still crying.  I seriously couldn't stop.  I was over the "fight" by then, and we were laughing about it, but I couldn't turn off the water works.

I can only imagine what those teenagers working that night thought.

There are many other embarrassing pregnancy stories (oh...many), but I LOVE bringing this up to Dave by saying, "Remember that time you made me cry over sub sandwiches?  Well done, DAD."


mrsmarkdave said...

Dear Dear Sandy - you crack me up.

I agree to jump off the bridge when you get to it. Or you might just be able to cross it. You just don't know - maybe God will send someone along to help bless you in this way during this time. He's in the business of blessing in "little" ways.

Unknown said...

Love your embarrassing moment. New follower!

Dawn and the boys said...

Love your answers! Especially your embarrassing pregnancy story! I was a crier too...and a yeller...oh boy was I a yeller.

Hope you feel better.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Frogster said...

I claim no responsibility to anything hormonal I may have done during any of my pregnancies. haha. love your story, and Baby Got Back is a classic!

Kathy said...

I swear I didn't give you my stomach bug through facebook!!! Hope you are feeling better sweets. And I A)love me some Baby Got Back and B) I too have a pregnancy story involving inconsolable crying/date night/restaurant. Without going into detail I will tell you it involved Outback putting mushrooms when I requested without. You can fill in the blanks. ;)

retired not tired said...

I have shared your embarassing moment with my hubby as well so you are not alone

Anonymous said...

Your pregnancy story is so funny. Oh my gosh.

Nani said...

Don't most modern love songs include sex somewhere? I mean if it's monogamous sex, it's romantic sex, no??

Oh, and I want to come to your camp, please??? :D