Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1.  I'm giving myself a bit of a break from crazy blogging scheduling- due to some summer fun.  And pregnancy.  And work.  And house.  Normally, blogging gives me a sweet release for whatever is on my mind.  Lately, though, I have little on my mind and a lot in my hands.  We're having a jam packed fun filled summer, and I'm lovin' it.

2.  I'm tired.

3.  I'm also sun burnt.  In addition to the sun burn, I put on a pain killer spray yesterday- which I am apparently allergic to.  So, now I have a blissful rash on top of the burn.  Lovely.  Ever itch a sun burn?  It's ill-advised.  But- the happy side of this all is that since the burn is still so red, you can't see the rash!  Anyway, we had a fantastic time at a beach north of us on Saturday with my friend, Michelle, and her two little guys.  See pictures here.  I didn't think to take any pics with my phone....except for this one:

This is on the way home from the beach.  The hair I lost during 1st trimester
has now grown back a bit, but the new hair is only 2 1/2 inches...and curly.
Leaving me with oh-so-lovely wings.  Lovely.

4.  Ally just clawed the heck out of my front window screen this morning as Matt was arriving for work.  She got excited.  I got PISSED.  And once again, we look like redneck hicks in a new house.

5.  I am currently 25 weeks and 4 days pregnant.  This is right around the gestational time that my nephew was born.  He is currently a happy, healthy 3 year old.  Proof positive that miracles happen everyday.

6.  Dave fixed our dryer!  With a little google-magic, and a run to the parts store, our dryer is fixed for a grand total of $28.47.  I love that man.

7.  Our plans for this afternoon have been postponed for another time.  My poor friend, Kathy, is sick.  (Feel better soon, Kathy!).  There is a nasty stomach bug going around our geographic area...and I'm praying we don't get it.  I thought it was against the rules to get sick during the summer.  :(

8.  I'm working on a blog series dealing with being gluten free.  In the past 4 weeks, I've had more than 10 people approach me about being gluten free.  This is in addition to the friends and family that Dave and I think could really benefit from some gf eating.  I can give all the advice in the world, but until people see that it can be easy, and it can be inexpensive-ish,  there's very little follow through on actually doing it.  So, I'm going to take you through my daily menu's (with pictures).  I started taking pictures yesterday.  I'm going to start later this week in order to give myself a few days of grace- in case I get too busy one day, I won't mess it up for y'all.

9.  I had some beautiful friends offer to throw a baby shower for me.  My first instinct was to decline since it's our third child, and (in all honesty) feelings of unworthiness (these are my own self-esteem issues...I'm working on them).  However, I was informed that it's going to happen (with or without my cooperation :), and God has told me, through prayer, that He has blessed me with these friends, and I'm to graciously let them love me.  These ladies are high-quality friends....and I'll love them to death.  So, I'm just going to be grateful.  So grateful.

10.  After a crazy heat wave last week, we have finally cooled down for some more happy-pregnancy weather.  We have windows open in the morning, and I'm loving it.  I just saw the forecast, and it's showing another hot air mass coming by Wed/ Thursday.  I'd be lying if I said I didn't shed a tear.


Sarann said...

You should not feel guilty about the baby shower, you are having a girl for goodness sakes and need girly stuff! My friends threw me a shower and I got all little things pink and purple. Just be happy and enjoy!

Anonymous said...

We are lovely friends, if not bossy and stubborn - you've met your match ;) And it is our pleasure!