Monday, July 2, 2012

C. and I have a "thing"

It all started when Ally ate my old sunglasses.

They were my favorites.

I paid a total of $11 for them 4 years ago at Target.

It was, by FAR, the longest I've ever had a pair of sunglasses.

Plus, I loathe searching for sunglasses that work with my face shape, my style, and my budget.

But, my little man, C, made it so much more of an experience.

Shopping started while A was still in school, which is why he's not featured in this post.

I started trying on sunglasses one day at Target.

C. wanted in on the "fun."

Only, he couldn't see the mirrors.

And because of my early stages of pregnancy,
lifting the 49 pound kiddo to see them was out of the question.

Enter:  phone cam.

Oh, he's so classy.  :)

And then, it started into a tradition to stop and have some fun with pics everytime we went to a store.

He even turned the tables on me.

He picked out the MOST obnoxious pair, and made me try them on.  :)

So, obnoxious became the name of the game.

(I do believe he and I are kindred spirits on this one)

And here are my ultimate favorites:

And the cream of the crop.  :)

Just in case you're wondering which pair I ended up with:

And to this day, even though we're no longer shopping for sunnies,

we'll still stop at the racks for some mother/son fun.  :)


Mama M. said...

Oh my word...those flip up ones? HIlarious!!! So much fun...

Big Fat Gini said...

So cute!

I took the kids to Target to get sunglasses for the oldest and it went much the same way. I love moments like that. Cheap, easy, fun!