Sunday, December 1, 2013

Picture post

We hosted our first Thanksgiving this year!
The torch has officially been passed.
Kind of a funny story:
I was on the phone with my mom who was asking about gluten free ingredients
when I said,
"How about Dave and I host this year."
Quick response,
"Ok!  Sure, what do you want me to bring?"
Almost as if she's been waiting for a few years for me to pick up that torch.
Anyway, we were glad to host.
Dave and I spent most of the day in the kitchen together
and wrangling 3 kiddos
And we still love each other.
And the meal was "on time"
(read: about 15 minutes later than I planned...but I'm counting that as success)
We purchased a fresh turkey to start our hosting.
Brined it for 16 hours
roasted it for 5 1/2
Mmmmmmm, turkey.
(Also, I ordered a SMALL turkey from this farm.  Ended up with a 21 lb. turkey!)
Notice Dave's blurry hand....
...homey was enjoying some nibbles.  :)
All but 2 items on the table were gluten free.
These rolls: not gf.
But pretty.


My gf version of the rolls is below.
Not as pretty....
...but mighty tasty!!!

Blurry side dishes...
...but that doesn't make them any less yummy.

And just for grins,
my middle child
drawing a heart
at his school's Thanksgiving feast.
Love this kid.

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