Tuesday, December 24, 2013

They're getting *it*

We've had some ice storms here in the Mitten State.
They are hazardous for travelers and walkers,
but if you have no where to go, it's quite beautiful.
Early Sunday morning, Dave got called out to plow.
They had to come and get him because we were literally iced in on our dirt road.

He stopped back home around 8am to grab some coffee and breakfast.
(he was complaining of stomach cramping from being so hungry)
The boys asked if they could join him in the truck.
I think he was glad for some company.
They returned home around 1pm
where I learned that for the last 2 hours, Dave had been horribly sick
with the stomach flu.
Yes, he was still plowing- with the stomach flu.
Anyway, he spent a few minutes in the bathroom, took a shower and went to bed.
I didn't see him for the next 15 hours.
Yesterday, we were talking about him getting sick, and he told me about what the boys said to him.
After his first bout if illness, he returned to the truck to find
our sons concerned about him.
C turns to him and said,
"Dad, I'm sorry you are sick.  While you were out there, A and I were in here praying for you."
Be still my mother's heart.

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