Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Late night blog posts kinda feel like drunk dialing somebody.

I'm sitting here on my computer.

My house is quiet.

They're all in bed.

I've used up my lives on Candy Crush...darn you level 70!!!

And I think, "Self, I think you need to do a blog post."

And then I thought again...."Is that really a good idea, or are you bored?"

It kind of feels like drunk dialing...

.....sounds good at the time, but perhaps you'll do a little face palm in the morning.

(Not that I ever did that, but I have consoled a few friends through the morning after).

Anyway, some random facts:

- I have officially found a barrette that Baby L. will leave in her hair.  Too bad it doesn't stay in her hair on its own.

- I didn't do a monthly menu plan last month and grossly blew out the grocery budget.  I'm back to planning.

-  All of our Christmas decorations are up.  Well, the decorations that we're putting up this year are up.  There's a dozen boxes in the crawl space that aren't going to see the light of day for a few more years.

-  We're officially in the toddler-hood phase that I have dubbed, "Suicide watch."  This is my least favorite and my most favorite time in development.  She is so excited about everything she sees, touches, hears, tastes, etc.  It's fun to watch her explore.  But,'s exhausting.  She loves steps and power cords and dishwasher pellets and the toilet.  Keep it classy, L!

- Our calendar is quickly filling up for this month....and into next.  Having a child with a December birthday adds to the insanity.  But - whenever I think about how much it makes me crazy to add a birthday celebration in this month, I remember back to the time we were desperately trying to get pregnant.  How I didn't care when I was due...I just wanted a baby, a child.... And then, a December birthday doesn't seem so bad after all.

-  I know of (no, this is NOT an exaggeration either!) TWELVE people having surgery this month.  TWELVE!  Get it in before the deductible goes back up!  Or Obamacare decides to take another fateful turn in whichever direction....

-  I love it when you first meet someone, and you're like "yeah....I'm not sure how to read her."  And then, later, for some reason you're in a situation alone with this new friend, and you have the best conversation ever???  Then you think "geez...she's not so bad after all."  I love a happy ending.

- Baby L. thinks farts are funny.

- I am currently wearing a sock that had so many holes in the toes this morning, and somehow they've all melded into one giant hole.  Now, it looks like I'm wearing a leg warmer for my ankle.

-   I have discovered Rumchata.  You must try it.  But...don't.  Because my grocer cannot keep the shelf stocked.  And I'm sick of seeing an empty shelf.

-  The other day, Baby L. chucked a block at my head.  She hit my eyebrow in such a way that I have a nice bruise and it is really tender every time I touch it.

- Due to some unfortunate side affects of C's preventative asthma inhaler, we're going to start a different one.  We've been warned that there are always side effects to steroids, but hopefully this will be less than the other one.  Fingers crossed.

- I love hand-me-downs.  Especially nice ones.

-  I have decided that when we host people at our house, I will NOT make it spotless.  This is less about my crazed life, and more about public service.  I want to be a real person- with real faults...and I don't want anyone thinking they can't have me over because their mess would be too embarrassing.  See?  Public Service.

- A. and I had a power struggle tonight over 1 teaspoon of acorn squash.  ONE TEASPOON.  Not my finest parenting moment, but not my worst either.  Not his finest child moment...not his worst either.  Was just a difficult 90 minutes.  Over ONE TEASPOON.  One.lousey.teaspoon. (I know your question, and yes...he did measure it.)

-  It's not fun to be the parent and threaten something only to realize, "dangit, now I have to follow through!"  The follow-through is the hardest part.

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