Monday, November 25, 2013

The real thankful post that doesn't make it to Facebook

Just because I'm not writing them on Facebook doesn't mean I'm not thankful. 

Granted, some people are doing it and doing it well.  They're real.

Then there's the others.

Y'all know what I'm talking about.

THOSE others.

Sometimes I think this month is almost like the Humblebrag.

"Today I'm thankful for my BMW.  It's sleek, fast, good on gas, and makes me look good."

No joke.  A true necessity in her life.

Another one...

"Today I'm thankful for my house.  4500 square feet of wonderful - that my cleaning lady doesn't mind keeping up with!"

Sounds like someone needs to get on her knees and scrub a toilet or four.

And another:

"Day 17.  Today I'm thankful for our best friends, the XXXXXXX.  They are a model Christian couple who inspire my wife and I to be more model Christians."

Stop,'re giving us a bad name.

Ok, enough friend bashing...because they're about to be unfriended (they're not that close to me anyway....).  Why can't people be real on Facebook???  Why can't we post the real thanks???

Here's a few to start- posts that I could have or would have done if I was doing the thankful month...

-I'm so thankful that Baby L. didn't pee on me during the late night diaper change.  Cause I wouldn't have changed anyway, and it's no fun going back to bed smelling like pee.

- I'm thankful that my hairdresser didn't cut my hair too short.  She must know that this is the only time it will be actually "done" and will remain in a pony tail until I see her again.

-  I'm thankful that Dave chose to sit on the other side of the room last night.  While I love to be near him, Shelby's cassoulet left me with some after burners that would have made his eyes tear up. (darn beans!)

- I'm thankful that A. flushed the toilet this morning before Ally started drinking out of it.

- I'm thankful that it was only a minor cut.

-  I'm thankful that orthopedic shoes are a tad more fashionable now-a-days.  Note: tad.

- I'm thankful for my family.  Who love me and support me.  And snuggle with me - even though I just whispered under my breath "I really don't want to be touched anymore today."

-I'm thankful that I get to be a mom.  At some point in my life (actually 2 points) I was sitting on a Dr's table where they look at me and say "I'm not sure this is possible for you in the future."

- I'm thankful for our extended family.  Like fudge- full of fruits and nuts - but the end product is pretty darn cool.

- I'm thankful for amazing friends- the family I choose.

- I'm thankful for this life.  No BMW.  No cleaning lady, no "model Christians."  Just a bunch of normal people doing normal things taking care of their normal house.  Just good people with funny quirks, good food and a Great God.

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