Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Baby Girl's Owl Birthday Party

I decided to do an "owl" theme for Baby L's first birthday.
Not for the sake of being trendy, but because there was an ADORABLE invitation on
shutterfly that I absolutely fell in love with...
and things going a little "hooty" from there.
Perhaps I went a little overboard, but hey...
she only turns one once, right???
Here's my little 1 year old on the day of her party.
I saw the onsie at Babies R Us, and it was just too cute- so I grabbed it.
Hey...the birthday girl has to coordinate with her party, right???
It actually came with jeggings, but I found a coordinating tutu for $2 and the tights for $3...
wahlah, birthday outfit.
Barrette made by me.
Here's a look at our party favors given to the kiddos in attendance:
I made a white chocolate dessert mix
also known as "crack" in our family.
Scrapbook paper, some circle punches, a heart punch and
a cut triangle.
Cut and glue.

Baby L's seat of honor:
I made bunting to hang throughout the house (one was owl, of course!)
I originally bought tulle to make a tutu for her, but then I found one so cheap.
So, I tied it around the chair.
Flare for the chair.
Tiny bunting around the tray, and an owl bib.
The edibles.
(Minus the hot stuff which is over on the counter)
Yes, those are owl plates and an owl table cloth.
(Oriental trading Co...yo.)

This is my little girl.
I don't even need to prompt her anymore.
I picked up the camera, pointed it at her
and she gave me this:

She's ready to open!
Somewhere along the lines, things got out of hand with Big brother C and cousin Jaden.
They were wrestling over one of L's gifts and C's hand went flying.
C's hand had a digital camera attached to it.
Which smacked L across the face.
She was heartbroken and horribly hurt...
After I tried (unsuccessfully) to calm her, daddy stepped in to help.
And help he did. 
He's such a good daddy!

Cake time!
If you all ever need an awesome cake, let me know...
I know a GREAT lady!
Bottom tier= regular buttery goodness cake
Top tier= gluten free chocolate cake
Smash cake= dairy free cake.
All yummy.
All amazing.
All affordable.
(Sorry about the front of the cake,
 we had a few little guys "sample" the cake before I could take a pic)

top shot:

We all went to sing, and she got all bashful on us. 
Which was too cute.

Then she plowed her hands into it like it was no big deal.

nom nom nom
Sitting with papa Ken.
Cousin Emma decorated papa Ken.
He's a good sport.

Another decoration:
(which, coincidentally are still hanging in my kitchen!)

Thanks to everyone whoooooo came out to celebrate out little girl's birthday!
(see what I did there???  I'm a hoot!)
(doh! did it again)
Ok...I'm done now.


Lesley said...

I'm so glad you had a girl. You're an awesome girl mom. Looks like a great party. Totally jealous of your craftiness. (All I do is laziness). Way to go!

Anonymous said...

The most hootiness ever! I loved it! Sorry for the fingers in the cake :)