Monday, October 10, 2011

Not Me! Monday--- rerun the embarassement

I posted this a loooooong time ago.  But someone at church yesterday brought this post up and said that they couldn't find it to read to their I thought I'd post it again.


This is a different kind of Not Me! Monday- I'm mixing it up a bit. Here's a fun, but embarrassing story from the past week.

Last week, I was in a store, and realized I needed to use the restroom right now. So, I brought the boys and the stroller into the woman's restroom where there were two stalls. If the boys are with me, I usually go into the handicapped stall with them so I don't' leave them unattended. But it was occupied, and I had womanly things to do, so I was grateful that I didn't have to answer any questions.

I parked the stroller (and boys) in front of the other stall door (you know, so I can watch them through the huge crack in the door) and proceeded to go about my business. The rest is what you could have heard if you were a fly on the wall in that bathroom:

A: Mom, how long will this take?

Me: A few seconds. Please stay on the sit-and-stand with your brother.

Sound: toot echoing in the toilet bowl

A: Mom....WHAT was that?!?!?

Me: It was a toot. A...can you talk to C about school buses? What color are they?

A: It sounded crazy mom! Like an alien fart!

C: Anien fart!!!

Me: That's enough talking about toots, guys...let's talk about something else.

A: Yeah! Like how much it STINKS in here!!! Wheew, mom...WHAT did you eat?!?!?

Me: A, that's enough. What would you like to eat for lunch today?

A: Not what you ate! You stink sooo bad, mom!!! You're stinkier than daddy!

Me: A, that's enough. What's next on our list of things to do today?

C: ppppp eeeewwwww, momma! You tink!

A: Mom, it stinks so bad in here. Can I go to the toy department and look around so I don't have to smell you?

Me: A, I'm almost done. I'll wash my hands and we'll be on our way.

A: Mom, it stinks so bad, I think I'm going to throw up!

C: Momma- you TINK!!! EEEE WWWWW Ouchie Nose!

Me: That's enough, boys.

A: (gagging )

I finish my business, wash my hands and leave. Then I found a secluded spot in the store, and had a little chat with the boys about bathroom etiquette. You see, I was not the one having a BM that day, it was the woman next to me. I can only imagine what she was thinking. So, yes...this is truly a Not Me! Monday.


TIFFANY said...

That is so funny! Thank you for reposting it! I'm going to be giggling about that all day. :)

Maureen Polderman said...

This is hysterical!! Gotta love little boys =) Found you through Not Me Monday link up! New follower now !!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness - so glad you reposted this - this was prior to my discovery of your blog (at least I don't recall this). Nice! Glad it wasn't me in the next stall ;)

Debbie said...

Out of the mouths of babes! lol - cute post.

mrsmarkdave said...

Oh I remember this post. I knew the outcome, but I still had to read it because it is SO funny!!!

Leanne said...

OH my goodness! How horrifying! Lol. I can't even imagine...

Ask Me About My Band, My Lap-Band said...

I read today's blog after reading MckMama's and I have to tell you, one you had me giggling out loud. And two, sounds like a conversation that would happen with my kids as well :) Gotta love 'em!

Jennifer said...

AAACCCKKKKKKK!!!!!! Oh my goodness. That is hilarious (only because it wasn't MY kids)!!

Big Fat Gini said...


Yeah. My kids would totally do that. I'm laughing so hard, though. That poor woman.

Mama M. said...

Oh em gee. I'm dying over here. THAT was hilarious! GAH! Don't you just love it when kids embarrass the heck out of us?!

Rach said... was funny all over again! thanks for reposting