Thursday, September 29, 2011

Random Post where I drop a rediculous amount of friend's names.

- Yesterday, I spent over an hour on the phone talking to my friend Mandi.  She was calling to check up on me after I gave my small group a prayer request.  Since the incident already passed, she was calling to see the outcome.  In my world, I'm texting all the time.  It was nice to reconnect on the phone with conversation.  Thanks for the prayers, friends!  I could really feel it!

-  Today I'm carpooling with my friend Sarah.  This won't last much longer- since they are moving to an inconvenient location, but its nice to not have to get up early every morning to drive.  My adrenals are so thankful.

- Tomorrow, I'm walking with Michelle.  She's currently one of my favorite people.  The past month, I've struggled with exercise motivation, but I still really look forward to our walking dates.  Her friendship is so unassuming and supportive...and funny.  And she has the most absolute cutest little boys.

-  Saturday, I'm applesaucing with my mom.  That is, if she finds a replacement for that bolt she shredded while saucing without me. 

- Saturday, after saucing (is that a word?!?!)  I'm making a birthday treat for a friend of A's.  Because every child deserves to be celebrated on their birthday.

-  Saturday afternoon, I'm hoping to make it to my friend's house for a little Catan action.  Girl's afternoon in.  Catan style.  Yes, I'm a gamer.

-  Sunday, I'm spending it with my best friend, Dave and our boys whom I hope turn out to be friends some day.

-  Next week, I'm crafting with my friend Lesley.  We haven't crafted in a very long time, and I really looking forward to reconnecting (over a Cricut machine)!

-  Next week Thursday ( a special day for ME), I'm celebrating the morning with 72 of my closest mommy friends at MOPS.

- Next week Friday, I'm going to experience my first gluten free fondue dinner with Melody.  I'm very excited to see her and to fondue.

-  Sometime in the near future, I need to see Erika who is sewing me a purse to celebrate my 50 pound weight loss (2 pounds to go!).

-  I need to schedule a game night with my fellow gaming friends.

-  I need to go to a movie by myself (another friend).

-  I need to call Gina back.

-  I need to call Jeanie for a GNO.

- Yesterday, today, all the time.  I love my friends.


Kate said...

Friendship is among my most favorite blessings. Glad you have so many!

Anonymous said...

You are so very sweet - the feeling is entirely mutual! My boys were THRILLED to find out tomorrow was a walking day!

At first I read that you were going to applesauce your mom, which made me giggle and imagine you throwing applesauce on your mom (which is not advised).

Hasta manana!

Sandra Tyler said...

From one Sandy to another: like that verb, applesaucing! Sounds like fun!