Monday, September 5, 2011


is Labor Day

my husband is "off" work
my husband is working on the house
my husband is mowing the lawn
my husband is jump starting the lawn mower with his work van

I pulled out my jeans.
I realized that (for the first time in many many falls) my jeans had outgrown me
I got out a pair of old old jeans that used to be too small.
I made some fresh stewed tomatoes to go in some fresh homemade chili for dinner
I have all the windows open in my house
I made up a recipe for gluten free bread in my bread machine.
I am crossing my fingers that the bread turns out good.

A. is getting ready for his second week of school
A. is wearing pants and a sweatshirt
A. is going for a run with his mom
A. helped his dad stack wood
A. is cooking hot dogs over the fire pit for lunch.

C. cuddled with me a lot this morning
C. helped me change the sheets on the bunk beds.
C. is outside laughing and screaming
C. is pushing his brother's buttons
C. is looking forward to starting preschool next week.

is Labor Day.


Rebecca B said...

sounds like a fabulous labor day!

Sarann said...

Cool post, so creative!