Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rhetorical Questions

There are sometimes questions I ask that either a) have no answer or b) are answered, but are asked to make a statement.  I understand that latter is an oxymoron, but hey...that's life, right?  Here are the top ten rhetorical questions I ask with great frequency...

1)  Are you cuh-RAY-zee?!?!?!

2)  What the HECK ever happened to personal responsibility?

3)  If your friends told you to jump off a cliff, would you?  (yes, I ask this out loud)

4)  Why can't good-for-me foods taste like a chocolate chip cookie?!?!?

5)  Where'd the money tree go?

6)  And just how much is this going to cost?

7)  How can I help?

8)  Can you give me a minute....or a week?

9)  Have you made a decision about (insert decision to be made here)?

10)  Can I have a hug?

Top Ten {Tuesday}

1 comment:

Michelle B said...

I'd add to that,
Why are you yelling?
Why did you get pee on the floor?
What happened now?
Why were you in timeout?