Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The List Update (also known as a rediculous amount of pictures or Whoa, Sandy you're really behind in updates)

Ok, so I started this list (see lower right...scroll down a bit) about a year ago.

I started with avengence.

I'm still working on it.

I just haven't updated.

So...here's the update

In pictures:

#40.  Teach A to ride a two wheeler.

Essentially, he was riding on 2 wheels for about a year and a half, but wouldn't give them up.  Last August (yes, I'm that far behind), Dave took one wheel off some evening which resulted in LOTS of tears and anxiety.  The next night (while Dave was gone), I asked A if I could remove the other one.  He cried.  Until I offered him ice cream.
He was fine after that.

#49.  Visit a zoo we've never been to before.

Potter Park Zoo in Lansing with the some friends.
Cute zoo- easy flat walk.

#50.  Teach A all his lower case letters.
Yep, did that last summer too.

#65.  Invite 3 friends to the zoo with us.

We have a +1 zoo membership.  This allows me to bring another adult and unlimited kids with me to the local zoo.  We're there at least once a week in the summer months.
I already wrote about one friend we took to the zoo.
While we weren't limited to 2 friends, I simply grabbed two pictures in my archives:

and llama watching friends

#80 Sell something on Craigslist or ebay.
This past winter, I purchased a smelly loveseat on craigslist and resold it.  In addition, we cleared out our pole barn.  All the old furniture- OUT OF HERE!  And we made about $80.

#61.  Have dinner with Jeanie three times.

This is more or less an excuse to meet Jeanie for dinner and drinks.  :)
(Picture me saying to Dave, "But honey!  I need something to cross off the list!")
One more meeting down.

Hmmm...perhaps I'll need to up that from 3 to 5....

#23.  Attend a seminar focused on improving some aspect of my life.

Last October, I had the privilege of going to the Hearts-at-Home seminar in my home town.
It was fantastic.

This is where I listened to speakers like Kevin Lehman and Bill and Pam Ferrell.
All three are incredible authors writing about biblical truths on marriage, sex, raising children and priorities.
I felt so blessed to be able to attend.
And I won two books in drawings!

I listened to Kevin Lehman talk about "Have a new child by Friday."
I listened to Bill and Pam Ferrell talk about "Red Hot Monogamy"

There was another couple talking about somethign to do with children and forgetting yourself in the upbringing (i.e. don't be a selfish parent)...that was was dull and boring.  Decent message, but the delivery was off.  Meh...

And I listened to a speaker (cannot remember her name...) talk about "American Idle"  This one I remember soo much.  It really spoke to me.  She explained that ANYTHING that comes before our relationship with God is considered an Idle.  Perhaps its an addiction to drugs, alcohol or food.  Or its just being consumed with the whole "pursuit of stuff" and worshiping clothing labels and social status.  Or it could just be hoarding your money and not having a heart of charity.

I feel like God put me in that talk for a reason.
I feel like he was talking directly to me through that speaker.
I love Him for that.

#67.  Have a family bonfire.

We do this about once every two weeks in the summer.
This picture was taken on a night that Dave and A were camping out in the back yard.
C and I enjoyed a nice quiet house.
And indoor plumbing.

#59.  Find someone starting a business and help support them.

This is probably my favorite item to cross off.
A friend of mine, Renee, is an up-and-coming photographer.
She's really a great person, and Dave and I love her to bits.

So, we did a photography party!
We have a few churches very close to our house with nicely manicured lawns- they made it very easy for us to find some fun and easy backgrounds.

While I didn't end up completely filling all 8 slots, I did fill 7- with a 20 minute break in between.

It worked out perfectly since a few people were late, and a few came early.

Renee and I had about 15 minutes in the middle of the craziness to sit down and eat some chicken.

This is Renee taking a picture of an awesome family.
She is the little sister of one of my best friends in high school
She has the cutest three little girls.

Ok, here's a few list items I will need to update. 

I am thinking on replacements for them. 

 But this post has grown long enough.

Perhaps another day.


Thomas and Jamie said...

WOW! Way to Go Sandy!! You've crossed a TON of things off!! I TOTALLY need to do this whole 101 things list, but I'm not sure I'm organized enough to sit down for long enough to come up with 101 things. I mean, just typing that sentence has me tired!! hehe

BTW - thanks for the sweet comments...as you can tell, I was a little fired up!

Wenderella Creations said...

This is fantastic! I don't know who you are, but I love your list and especially the one where you helped your friend with her new business. I should start a list like this too! Very motivational!


Unknown said...

Great way to keep a list AND have a bit of accountability. I should probably do that too but I know well that the Sandwich Generation issues of caring for elderly parents and grandchildren coupled with blogging would have a detrimental effect so I shall enjoy yours instead :)

Having been a Block Captain for Neighborhood Watch twice, I especially liked No. 77. It's not only a great way to meet neighbors, it's a good safety tool. And if there is no Neighborhood Watch in your area, you might give your police department a buzz and see about starting one. I know that will add a couple of extra things to your list, BUT it will probably make it easier to go to all your neighbors since you would now have a fun invitation for them for a cookie day or a BBQ in the front yard. Ask a couple of neighbors you know to chip in (I even asked for, and got to use, their yards :) :) :) ).

I remember after the first time we did this, my husband came home from work in a state of happy shock! We'd lived there a few years but I only knew a couple of people and he worked so much, he didn't know anyone. He'd made it to the BBQ in the front yard though and the next week neighbors had waved at him when he came home. "That's never happened before," he said in happy amazement. I only had meetings 2-4 times a year so it's really pretty easy and fun (says I who am not doing it right now, but in my defense, I'm not sure how long we'll be here :) ). Just a thought. :)

Sorry to ramble on so long and thanks again for a very nice visit! :) Have a blessed week. And a fun rest-of-the-2010-Ultimate-Blog-Party :)