Monday, March 1, 2010

Need your opinions, please.

Normally I have no problem making decisions.

Especially when it comes to home decor.

Actually, I have most of the addition decorated in my head.

Except for the details, of course.

And this is where I run into a bit of a stumbling block.

decisions I would make quickly are turning into a 45 minute blank stare in the tile aisle at Home Depot.

Whoever created those race car carts was a genius.

The employees were awesome and totally helpful.
And even one of Dave's fellow elders from church stopped by (on his lunch break!) to help me out.

But none of them have seen my (almost finished!!) bathroom.

And they don't know what it would look like against the chocolate brown cabinets.

So, here's where YOU come in.

I picked out two backsplashes that I love.

I cannot choose between the two of them.

They're both pretty.

I need your help.

Would you mind casting a vote?

THANKS!  You're awesome. 

I knew you'd help a friend in "need."

Ok, here's choice A:

And choice B:

So, then I thought that the lighting wasn't very good down there.  I took them outside to get some natural light*.  This way you can see the full color spectrum. 

I know, that was nice.  You're welcome.

So, again.  Choice A:

And choice B:

Thanks for helping a lady in "need!"

*you much 'light' as we can get on March 1 in Michigan....


Unknown said...

A! A! A! all the way did i say? i like A
Good luck:)

Jes said...

I'd have to say A. It's unique.. The basic 1" squares everyone has. Take a step and be different. Let us see the finish product.

Kathy said...

I definately like "A" better. As mentioned above, it looks more unique and less generic. :)

Brittney said...

TOUGH CHOICE! I like A, for it's uniqueness as well. :)

Rach said...

I like B. I like the colors more, I think it looks fresher...I don't know why, but selection A reminds me of something my parents or grandparents might pick out...less color pop & variety....just my opinion.

Elizabeth said...


Lyndsay said...

I like A the best. The colors are nice, but the different shapes of the tiles give it something more too.

Unknown said...

I like them both, but if I have to choose, I'd pick A. I like the different shapes.

B-Dub said...

A, definitely A. Did I mention that I like A?

Liz said...

I am going with the majority and saying A.

Jenna said...

I LIke them both but My favorite would have to be B. A looks too pattered to me..I like things more random..but it looks like the majority likes A so good luck!!

Michelle Aitken said...

Definitely A - I love the rectangular shapes. :) Good luck and remember to HAVE FUN!!!

Mama E said...

all right. I like the colors better in B, but I like the different size tiles in A. Does that help. BWAHAHAHAAHAA

Nicolasa said...

I love A because it makes my eye stay for a bit longer and looks classic. I feel like B is so basic and won't really add much. I can't wait to see the finished product!

Joy and Randy said...

I like the size variation of A the best...and that was even before I saw that just about everyone else (including my very smart and stylish sister) agreed with me. :o)

Lesley said..., A reminds me of something more contemporary...modern...kind of like that architecture guys...what's his name...Frank Lloyd Wright...

Is there natural light in the bathroom? Because I like B better in the natural light, but if there isn't natural light in the bathroom I don't know...

Am I helping yet?

Final Decision? Probably B.

Letherton said...

I like A...Good Luck :)

Rach said...

Both are nice. I asked Peter. His choice is B. He says A is nice and contemporary for now. It kind of has that retro 70's flare with the different lines. Choice A will be dated sooner. Choice B is classic and has more longevity, plus the colors are better

the deKorne family said...

wow, i would pick b without a second thought, but it looks like i'm in the minority!!!

Katrina said...

I really like B!

A little late but I'm following from Friday Follow. :)


Anonymous said...

A! It has more character and uniqueness. I think it goes along better with all of the special touches already done in the house.

Hazel Nut said...

I love choice A!! Very pretty :)