Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snow Day today

Today, it looks like this outside. 
Snowy, blowing, freezing rain, sleet....
We're actually under a blizzard warning
yep- school is cancelled.
Not that it would have mattered much for A. anyway...he wasn't going regardless.
The poor kid is sick as a dog.  He actually got sick in the car on the way home from school yesterday, and proceeded to get violently ill for the next few hours.
He seems to be on the mend now- asking for drinks and hasn't gotten sick for 6 hours now.
But, he sure is tuckered out.
I hate it when my kids are sick...makes one nervous and tired mommy.
His birthday is on Saturday, and we're planning on having about 10 of his classmates over here for his first-ever friend birthday party.  I've been dousing the house with Lysol...and will a few more times between now and then.  Please pray for healing for A. and health for the rest of us.

In the meantime, the toddler....
well, he's wearing his Elmo swim trunks and a sweatshirt (that I made him put on) and making himself breakfast.

Please pardon my crazy messy work station in the background.  It's been neglected for a few days - organizationally.  Hopefully I'll have time to straighten up the house today- its driving me nuts!

Extra credit:  Any guesses as to whose blog I was reading before I snapped a picture of my little one? 
Hint:  It's on the right monitor.  :)


Brittney said...

So jealous of the SNOW! We just got storms and super gusty winds. Oh well. Maybe by Saturday...

And I don't want to sound conceited...but is it my blog?! I only think that because mine is the only one I know/read that has a brown background. :)

Sandy said...

yes, its your blog, Brittney! You can be jealous of me now, but come March when you're melting and we're still frozen solid, I will be envious of you!

Brittney said...

Woo-hoo! :D

Hopefully we'll be melting in March. I'm afraid this year that since it's taken so long to get cold (just within the past week has it gotten below the 50s & 60s) that we'll have a winter that lasts until April. We'll see, though!