Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Recap

We were driving home from festivities on Christmas Day, and I caught myself looking into people's houses.  (Not in a wierd way, mind you- just in a curious way...oh geez, now I'm creeping myself out) 

ANYWAY, I was wondering about other people's traditions.  I saw tons of families gathered around a tree or a dinner table. 

Lots of smiles. 

Lots of love.

It's amazing that sometimes we can create a tradition with our family without even consciously trying to do it.  My brother and I remember certain things about childhood Christmas' that my mom never really tried to make a memory of, but it happened anyway.  I'm already noticing that with A.- as this is his 6th Christmas- he's remembering so much more.  And he gets it.  I mean, he really gets it.

So, anyway, here's our Christmas recap for your viewing pleasure:

Christmas Eve: 

We head 25 minutes South East to my SIL's house.  This is Dave's family Christmas.  Usually a smorgasboard of stuff- each person bringing a dish or two to pass.  This year, I was humbled and ever so grateful that my SIL went out of her way to make me some g-free meatballs.  Thanks, Marianne!

This is a fun chance for A. and C. to get together with their cousins and see their aunts and uncles for an annual visit.  Dave's parents love having many grandchildren at ready-reach for cuddling or playing.  My beautiful niece:

Dave is the second of five siblings.  Only one was not in attandance, but joined us via speaker phone.

The boys went sledding.  A. had a close encounter with a tree.  When they returned, the boys chose to use the couch cover as a cuddling blanket.
Me and my "baby"

Christmas Day:
A. did not sleep well the night before.  I'm not sure he slept at all.  Dave put him back to bed after eldering the 11 pm candlelight service.  I put him back to bed at 4am.  When C. woke up at 6, A. was laying on the couch waiting "patiently" for us to wake up.  So, once we were all awake- he was very excited.  His cousin, B., game him the spiderman slippers the night before since B. outgrew them and A. LOVED them.  A. slept in them that night.  The best Christmas/non-Christmas present ever.

So, Santa comes during the night and fills stockings and leaves a toy for each boy.  This year Santa brought an easel for both, but a John Deere truck for each.  They love the chalk board side!
Then, we have a Breakfast Birthday Party for Jesus.  Usually I just buy a coffee cake the night before, but thanks to being g-free, I had to make it from scratch- at 6am.  (Note to self:  read the directions the night before and pre-measure whatever you can.  When directions say to separate the cinnamon, do it!)  We thought three candles was an appropriate amount.  :)
Then, presents with just the four of us.  Dave got a visit from Vanity-claus.  I think Vanity-claus is hinting ever-so-slightly that she wants the vanity in the downstairs bathroom completed...hmmm, maybe?

Then we get dressed and head an hour west to the lakeshore- to my parent's house.  This is my favorite dinner every year:  King Crab legs and prime rib.  YUM!

This is usually my favorite stop of the whole holiday season.  It reminds me of my childhood Christmas' when we would wait for my dad to get home from work.  The day of anticipation made Christmas last so much longer, but ooohhhhh, all those presents were daunting us!  It's fun to watch A.'s anticipation this year.  They even enjoyed getting their new sweatshirts- which are always a favorite of mine, but wasn't too sure how my boys would feel about getting clothing.  Judging by the way they stripped off the shirts they were wearing to change into the new ones, I'd say they were pretty excited.

I hope this post finds you all warm and cozy from your Christmas celebrations.

What are some of your traditions?


Kathy said...

Love your traditions Sandy!! I'm going to actually try to do a Christmas post today. I LOVE the picture of you and Colin on Christmas Eve, really cute!! And I LOVE your parents Christmas tree! How tall is it? Next year, after Christmas I am determined to buy a new tree, I want a 9ft. one but I want to find it on clearance, no way am I paying full price and I don't have the funds this year.

Looks like the Hop family had a very blessed Christmas. :)

Sandy said...

Kathy, I'll watch for your post! I love your pics on fb of your santa experience! My parent's tree is 13 feet tall- yeah, its a doozie. :)