Friday, December 4, 2009

Five Question Friday

My Little Life

Time for Five Question Friday!  I've not been uber consistent with this blog hop, but I do enjoy it! 

Here goes!

1. Favorite gift you are GIVING this year?
There's a few that I'm making with my cricut machine.  I know one of the recepients reads this blog, so I will not show the entire project until later (stay tuned!).  But to see a little sneak preview, look here.

2. How many parties are you attending between now and Christmas?
Not little as possible, really.  :)  This time of year really gets out of control with all the parties and expectations.  I try to keep it as simple as possible.  We have a work party tomorrow, an advent celebration Sunday night at church, small bible study party, and a friend get together.

In addition, A.'s birthday next week.  We have friend and family parties to throw on top of it all.  I do feel so blessed to have all these things to attend, but they all need to happen in the same week?!?!?

3. What is your favorite Christmas song?
All of em.  Except Feliz Navidad...long story, but so annoying.

4. Who was your favorite elementary school teacher and why?
Mrs. Ritter.  Kindergarten.  What's not to like about Kindergarten.

5. If you had a choice to live in any other period of time (other than now) what era would you choose and why?
Not sure...but I do know that I love the older days when people were content to live their lives, materialism wasn't rampant, and homes were much smaller with less stuff.


Brittney said...

Kudos to you for remembering your favorite teacher's name. I can barely remember my professor's names that I'm taking now!

Jenilee said...

I loved your list. keeping it simple at the holidays is a great goal. us too! :)