Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The only difference between "zero" and "hero" is a little de-youper.

Me:  A., are you ready for your super-de-youper Super Hero Birthday Party today?

A.:  Mom, don't say that...you sound like Barney.  He's not cool anymore.

Me:  (Standing there with my mouth hanging open)  Oh....ok.

 I was broken hearted.  Not because my son told me that I wasn't cool (let's face it, I'm not a cool parent, and I don't plan to be a cool parent...), but I was heartbroken because my boy is growing up.  He's outgrowing things (people and phases) and growing up.  I was watching him at his party, and I just wanted to bottle him up.  Just hit the "pause button" for a few minutes and try to remember everything about him at this age.  These past six years have gone by so quickly.  Honestly, I am grateful for each and every moment I get to be a mom to A.  He really has a good, sensitive heart, and I love that about him.

Ok, anyway...A.'s birthday party!  We had the party at the Love Shack because we have the wide open addition for all the kids to play...not to mention that any "destination" party spot STARTED at $12 per person.  Our budget for this party was $60- not likely going to only invite 4 kids to A.'s birthday.

So, anyway, the "blizzard" subsided, and we had the most perfect weather to start the party with sledding on the front hill.  In addition, I could stand up by the road and greet all the parents and kids when they arrived.
I certainly envy these kids their energy!  They ran up the hill so many times, it was awesome.  The adults had fun lining the kids up at the top of the hill and provided a gentle push to start the kids racing. 
Dave and C. even got in on the fun.
Then we went inside for the festivities.  A. wanted a Super Hero Birthday party this year.  So, we made all the kids super heros. 
I started the party by "hiding" super letters around the party zone.

When they found a super letter, they each child got a cape with their initial on it.
 and for a craft, they decorated masks with foam stickers. 
A. was Super Q.

Here's all the kids lined up on our addition stairs all Super Heroed up in masks and capes.
C. appreciated being one of the big kids.

Then, cake - the cake matches the invitations exactly!  (thanks, Becky!)  Sorry, can't show you the invitations, though.  Our address is on them...so you'll just have to take my word for it.  :)

Then, presents...
A. was so funny.  For every present, he'd say, "OH THANKS!  THIS IS ALL I'VE EVER WANTED!"
Yes, for.each.present.
Then, the balloon guy came!  (He's actually our youth pastor, but to the kids, he was the balloon guy!)  The children had him tieing, twisting, and taking orders for balloon stuff the entire time he was there.  AND- all proceeds from his work go to our youth ministry....how awesome is that?!?!?

My personal favorite was A.'s birthday crown.

Which he wore for more time that I had anticipated him wearing it.

Then, C. tried it on...

Poor kid- the crown was taller than he was!

By the end of the day, I ended up wearing it outside...(sorry, no pics of that..ha!)  I never knew that balloons were good insulation from the cold.  My head was perfectly warm.


Once all the balloons were done, I had 30 minutes to burn and 7 completely sugared kindergarteners on my hands.  Back out to the sleds we went.

The kids all told me that they had a great time. 

A. said it was "AWESOME!"

 I'm so glad he enjoyed his birthday.
By the end of the party, Dave and I were pretty tired out...

But, judging from the snoring on the kitchen floor, I'd say someone else was even more tired.

Poor Molly-girl didn't even flinch when I threw a cracker at her nose.  It bounced off and landed on the floor almost under her nose. 

She just kept right on snoring.

When I tucked A. into bed that night, I asked him how his 6th birthday was.  He replied, "It was Super, mom.  Just super."

Special thanks goes to my mom for helping me out during the party and cutting the masks for me on a machine, St. John's for letting her use their machine, Tom Chester (the balloon guy), Gina Kaye (the super letter creator), Becky Bakker (the cake maker), Bob and Sandy (the folding table owners), and the cricut machine (for actually cutting fabric letters!).  Thanks to you guys for helping me make Adam's birthday super.


Kathy said...

WOW. Sandy, what an AWESOME party. You really did an outstanding job, really! I'm so glad Adam loved it and all his friends did too. It's also nice that he isn't too cool to let Colin join in the fun. :)

Jessica said...

Great party!!!!

Rach said...

Wow Sandy, you set the bar super high to make a really creative and fun birthday party without breaking the bank. I am very impressed. Looks like they had a blast

Brittney said...

OMG. I hope I can be this fun and creative with birthday parties when I have kids old enough to have ones like these! :)