Monday, November 9, 2009

Under construction and I WON!

Yes, the blog is different...and quite (dare I say) drab. I'm playing with some codes and layouts...not sure how I want it to look- or where to go with it. And I am not an html expert. I'm PLEASE bare with me. I could always use some cheerleaders- or tech support.

Also, I just received word tonight that I won a giveaway on a blog! Monica posted the winner of a fantastic necklace tonight- and IT'S ME!!! First of all, let me just say that I NEVER win anything. Really...hardly ever. Except I feel my luck changing....first this fall, I won a $25 gift card to Macy's from my MOPS chapter...and now this. Seriously, I don't ever win anything that I'm totally unsure on the "correct" way to act, accept, or show gratitude. I'm just a crazy girl tonight!

Thank you Monica!
and all the ladies that gave me the heads up!


Keely said...

Hey Sandy

congrats on the giveaway!! How fun!!

The Hus did my header..we found it on photobucket and he tweeked it an voila..

What's an IRL?

Brittney said...

Yay for the giveaway! How exciting!

And if you have any (basic) questions about your layout, just email me and I will try to help!

Traci Michele said...

You are so welcome! Enjoy your jewelry!


Dave Jackson said...

Hey Sandy,

Congrats on the giveaway! How exciting?

Portable Storage,