Monday, November 16, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Hey friends, I have a big giveaway to be posted tonight, so please come back later for your chance to win!

Ahhh, Not me! Monday...I enjoy it. So much cheaper than therapy! For more therapy, you can check out this site. There may or may not be others that are posting as well.
I am not already scouring over Black Friday ads trying to devise my "plan of attack." Gift giving is not one of my love languages. I do not get any sort of adrenaline rush from finding awesome deals.
I have not rebelled a little while my husband was away at deer camp. I did not go on vacation from cleaning and dishes- only to realize that it all needed to be done before he came home anyway. I did not, then, decide that I wouldn't cook- so we wouldn't dirty any dishes. We (read: I- since I'm the only adult here) have not made some poor food choices. Nope! I am always completely aware of mine and Adam's dietary restrictions and always stay within the boundaries. Boundaries were not made to be broken.
We did not go to a pet store to grab- yet another- snail for our frog cube. There was not an adoption drive that day from the humane society. I did not almost leave with another dog. I did not completely fall in love with a dog named...wait for it...Sandy. The boys did not attach themselves to her ultra soft fur. She would not have gotten along splendidly with Molly. I do not really really really want another dog. I will not be trying to talk my parents (Hi MOM!) into getting another dog this winter...preferably one named Sandy...because I do not totally love her. (By the way, mom, she's totally trained and looks a lot like Belle! And she's great with your grandsons!!! She gave us kisses and cuddled, and she didn't bark a bit. Her foster mom said that she's totally calm and would keep her if she could! Have I mentioned that your daughter loves her?)
I am not totally jonesing to get my Cricut machine out. I am not trying to come up with gift ideas that will give me an excuse to bust the puppy out. I did not watch the Cricut infomercial twice this weekend (while folding laundry) looking for inspiration. I am not totally headed to Joann's and Michael's today with coupons in hand.
Ok, I'm off to spend time with the toddler and read some books. Enjoy the week, everyone!


Kathy said...

I'm with you on the Black Friday ads! I was trying to talk Matt into going for me but he's not having it! ;)

Keely said...

I love your Not me Monday posts Sandy..and your Mom should totally get the dog!

Di said...

I too am with you on the Black Friday ads, and the not cooking/cleaning while the hubby's away. I'm kinda jealous because I SO want a Cricut!

Confessions From A Work-At-Home Mom said...

Stopping by from MckMama's blog hop!

Oooooh, a Cricut? Now you are speaking *my* language of love. You just gave me an idea for what I should ask DH to give me for Christmas! Thanks!


Brittney said...

Eeeeek! Black Friday?! I stay home. Ha. I'm not a crowd-person. I basically have anxiety attacks.

And...GET A WEIM! Heehe. I'm totally partial, though. ;)

Joy and Randy said...

Way to play the mom/grandma angle!! Good luck...I hope you get Sandy in your life to stay!(everyone deserves a Sandy in their life even those named Sandy :) )

Sandy said...

Hey Joy! Thanks. I actually do have a Sandy in my life too- my Godmother is named Sandy, and I love love love her! I agree, though, a little Sandy is always a good thing. :)