Friday, November 6, 2009

Honorary Philipino

Toward the end of this summer, our family was invited to the surprise 70th birthday party for one of our neighbors. She lives with her daughter and her husband- and their beautiful miracle baby girl.

It's been fun to get to know them better, and we were excited to share this day with the lady the boys refer to as "Aunt Ester."

Her kids told her that she was going to a funeral visitation/ dinner for the father of one of her co-workers. Poor lady! She's all somber and we yell "SURPRISE!" I thought "yeah, that's enough to stop her heart!" But, she was delighted and everyone had a great time.

In addition, I learned so much about their culture. They have the amazing ability to laugh at themselves, over feed the world, aspire to great things and encourage others coming from the Phillipians. Apparently, I asked so many questions, they decided to make me an "honorary Philippino" a title I was honored to have now that I have about 70 new Philippino friends. :)

My boys patiently waiting...and waiting...and waiting


The spread. Did you know that its a horrible faux pas to run out of food at a party? As a matter of fact, every Philippino BRINGS their own tupperware so they can bring home left overs. They actually told us to bring tupperware too, but we didn't (actually, we thought it was perhaps a funny hazing trick to see if the crazy white people would stand there with their empty tupperware- next time I'm totally bringing it!)
I asked a lot of questions as far as the food was concerned. They thought I was totally into it, but really I was trying to figure out what was safe for me to eat. Not much, but I did enjoy lumpia and did not get sick!
I didn't know this, but Philippino food is a cross between Mexican and Chinese. Fun fact of the day, right? Dave tried everything. Twice.

Our neighbor and her miracle baby, Hannah. I am now known to her as "Tita Sandy." Which means "Aunt Sandy" in Philippino.

Aunt Ester with her tres leches cake.
Everyone was drooling over the tres leches cake.
Must be good!

And of course, C left his mark everywhere we went. :)

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Brittney said...

Aw, looks like such a fun time! I absolutely adore getting to know people from other cultures. And YUM, look at all that food!