Friday, May 22, 2009

Week recap and list update


So, I have decided to just do a regular Friday blog regarding the list. I figured this way our blog doesn't become all consumed by "the list," and it could actually look like I accomplished a lot in a little bit of time.

#36 - On Tuesday of this week, I started my journey of no pop. I have noticed in the past that my GI issues are worse when I consume the all-too-yummy beverage, and in general I just feel blah afterward. Noticing that diet pop contains absolutely ZERO nutritional value, I cut it out. BUT THEN I found that Meijer brand makes a Diet Cranberry pop in 12 pack cans. Oye...I was weak, and I succumbed. And it was soooo yummy. And I felt blah. Then, if this wasn't enough to teach me a lesson, I purchased another 12 pack. Really, Sandy!?!?! Yep...more blah. So, Monday I had my last day of cranberry aspartame loaded carbonation goodness, and later blahs.

#29 - A few weeks ago, I picked up a new water container from Target. This one is stainless steel- thanks to the whole bpa- fiasco. But its actually very pretty too. :) My goal is to consume 4 of these jugs a day. Most of them are water. If I get to the 5th, then I'll treat myself with some additive like tea or juice mix. Half way through the first week, and going strong!!!

#61 - On Monday, I met my friend Jeannie at Applebee's for dinner. I chose Applebee's because they have a Weight Watchers menu, and what do I order when we get there? Well, I'll tell you this- it wasn't on the WW menu! And later, I indulged in a yummy coffee drink...mmmmm. (I'll credit my mom and Laura for intorducing me to those!) Jeannie is one of those friends that I just love to spend time with her. Every interaction with her is always a positive one. This is why she's on my list to see (3 times). I think its funny how God puts certain people in your life at certain times. I just LOVE that He put her in my life at this particular time.

#65 - This morning, we had our first friend outing to the zoo. We brought along Miss Kathy and her daughter, Sabrina. We met them through Dave's sister (she's actually the sister of Dave's brother-in-law). In talking, we realized that we have TONS in common, and thouroughly enjoy spending time together. We hope to see them a lot this summer!

By the way, we have a membership to John Ball that allows one extra adult guest and unlimited children- feel free to ask us to take you to the zoo anyday! We love the zoo!!!

#96 - While I technically wouldn't call this an "all" romance novel, it does have some romance in it. My mom originally turned me onto this author. Well, she has a new release called "Summer on Blossom Street" which is part of a series she's written. While were at the library this week, I spotted in on the Express Book shelf. THIS NEVER HAPPENS TO ME! It was my lucky day! I saw it as a sign that I was to sit on my butt for the next 48 hours and read her new book. So, that's exactly what I did. We checked it out on Tuesday, and I finished it last night. And now I need to catch up on laundry, audits, and general cleaning.*

For those of you who have never heard of Debbie Maccomber, she's a great writer. She's really easy to read and easy to follow. The thing I really like about her novels is that there's no crazy sex scenes in her books, and many (if not all) of her characters wait until after marriage before hopping in the sack. I know that a lot of late teens and early twenties girls are reading her books, and I'm glad she takes responsibilities of role models seriously in her characters.

* Please note, Debbie is NOT one of Dave's favorite authors. :) He does not like to see her visiting our house. He says that she hurts my productivity. But, I simply say that she saves my sanity. :)

# 69 - And last but not least, tonight is our official first pizza and movie family night. Dave and I really wanted to spend some purposeful and quality time with the boys. So, this is one of our things that we've started. Plus, it gives me a break from dinner once a week. While at the library, Adam picked out a movie (Horton hears a Who) for free, and on the way home, we stopped at Family Fare to pick out a DiGorno pizza ($4). So, total cost for a family of four and movie= $4. Not bad if I do say so myself. Adam has asked that we eat our dinner on tv trays while we watch the movie. Since we don't allow it anyother time,we decided to make that part of our new special routine. I'm excited for this trend to continue as the boys get older. I'm sure that, in time (a lot of time), I'll end up watching more action flicks than not, but quality time with my boys (and man) will more than make up for it!!!


Rach said...

Great job on your list Sandy...but can you start writing what the list item is in the post entry...because I have to scroll down every time....and I am lazy. Thanks.

Kathy said...

Awesome list update. One more thing we have in common, I'm a HUGE Debbie Macomber fan. I love the Blossom Street series, the one you just read is the next book I'm reading. I'm still working on my list of 101 things......

Thanks again for the zoo! We LOVED it! :)

Liz said...

I've been working on putting together my did you figure out the end date? I know it's supposed to be 1001 days...but how did you figure it? Anyways, I am impressed by your progress thus far!

BTW, we'd love to go to the zoo with you sometime!