Friday, May 29, 2009

List / Week recap

Holy cow! Is it already Friday?!?!? This week was incredibly busy, yet as I look back, I realize that I didn't really accomplish a whole lot. Oh well...there's another week just around the corner. Here's a list update:

#4: Expand the garden.

While the size of the old garden was fine for our family of four, it was also fine for a herd of five deer. Two years ago, in one night they leveled my garden. Last year we didn't even plant it. This year, we've discovered deer fencing. In order to make that work and still be able to move around in the garden, we had to expand it. This was not at all heartbreaking for me since I would love to try to grow some different types of veggies that need more room. This year, we're attempting corn, tomatoes, green beans, a lettuce blend, and summer squash. I figured this is the best way to get fresh, completely organic vegetables for a fraction of what's in the store. I'm excited! We'll keep you posted!

#29 Drink 4 purple jugs of water for 7 days straight.

Done! This item was basically me trying to get myself to get into a better habit of drinking water. Accomplished!

#36 Give up pop for 3 weeks.

Week one down. Hooray!

#42 Research and order a reading curriculum for the summer.

This one was basically a way for me to keep Adam's brain working throughout the summer. Since I'm not that inventive at devising strategies for this (or at least sticking to them), I thought we'd try the commercial route this year. I purchased Hooked on Phonics for Adam hoping that this will help bridge the gap between preschool and kindergarten. I chose this one for a few reasons- 1- it was cheaper than purchasing the entire zoo phonics or handwriting without tears curriculum. 2- it actually has a good set of reviews online 3--the books that he will eventually read are abbreviated and called "HOP" books. :) How could we go wrong with Hop books?!?!

Huked un fonix wurked fer mi!

#44 Help the boys start their own garden.

Adam has always loved helping me in the garden. It's usually a good time until he starting walking all over the vegetables- or picking them because he thinks they're weeds. While he did help me plant the garden, I thought he would enjoy tending to some plants of his own. We created a little spot next to the house and gave him some left over pepper seeds, a tomato plant and some bean seeds. So far, he's remembered to water them every day- even when it rains!
Wow- and I thought I didn't get anything accomplished! Hopefully I'll keep cruising through these items. I'll be starting a new list in no time!

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Liz said...

Seriously Sandy...if that is an unproductive week, I don't even want to know what word you would describe mine with...

Great job on accomplishing more of your goals! You are definitely inspiring me!