Monday, May 18, 2009


I love the weather we've been having! Not too hot, not too cold- sunny and slightly breezy. This IS my perfect weather pattern. The only thing that puts a total kabosh on time outside enjoying this weather is the BUGS. Mind you, I'm not a girly girl. I don't go running at the sighting of a spider, and I'm willing to pick up the toads Adam finds in the yard. But we have these gnats or black flies, or whatever they a total pain! It's not just one or two...there's a SWARM of hundreds around my head every time I'm out for more than 10 minutes! This subsequently leads me to wanting to run into the house, toddler and boy screaming underfoot because they want to be outside.

Last year, I used a spray product that worked for a few weeks. (Later I read the bottle, and it said it "controls bugs up to 4 weeks.." which is pretty accurate) I purchased another bottle at the end of the season, but never sprayed it. When I found said bottle on the shelf today, I thought "EUREKA! No bugs, and number 10 on the list!" And I didn't have to spend any money!!

So, today at 2:30, I was outside spraying the bottle of Bug Free Backyard! As I'm spraying, the gnats came at me full force. I have bites all over my neck and arms- one last hurrah, guys....see you little buggers in a few weeks! (At which time, I'll spray again!)

And now, that I've actually read the instructions all the way through (you'd think I was a man or something!), I'm realizing that I need to wait at least 4 hours for this to dry before the boys can touch it. Oye. I think tonight is a good night for hair cuts and a visit to the park!

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