Tuesday, January 29, 2013


1.  Baby L. has cut her first tooth.  One more is on the way- that I can see.  She also has a cold.  And so do I.  This is the baby tri-fecta of sleeplessness.

2.  Lately the word "control" is coming up a LOT in conversations.  A lot.  God is talking to me.  Am I ready to listen?

3.  Dave and and I have been missing each other in the night lately.  Meetings, work and plowing....makes for a busy schedule.  I see a few date nights in our near future!

4.  Lately, I can feel God pulling our family in a new direction.  I'm not sure what that whole picture looks like yet....but that's what faith is for, right?

5.  I posted an ecard on my facebook page last week.  Funny how a few of my high school acquaintances JUMPED on it- since it was NOT politically correct.  Yeah....I'm not for being politically correct, I'm for being Biblically correct.  Politically correct things offend me.  :)

6.  Sometimes I wonder what the heck is happening to our country.  Makes me want to apologize to my grandchildren.

7.  A. is going on a field trip today.  In celebration of Lutheran Schools week, his teacher is taking them to Steak -n-Shake for lunch.  I was reading permission slip, and was looking to check the box stating "I cannot drive for this trip."  Because I can't...  But...then I realized that his class is small enough that they can all go in the teacher's car.  I laughed and then I was thankful.  #1 No guilt for not being able to drive.  #2 Awesome amount of attention is given to A. and his academics #3 He has really close relationships with the kids in that class.

8.  The boys and I are playing  Dance Party on the wii every afternoon.  It's hilarious.  We are so rythm-challenged. 

9.  I think my baby is allergic to sleep.  :(

10.  A few of my friends online have asked to see Baby L's nursery and the house progress.  I promise a post is coming! 

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