Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ten on Tuesday in pictures

1.  I'm enjoying this week of non-work.  I'm getting lots of things done.  It's not work I'm getting paid for...but it's work that needed to get done.  I'm hoping to start real work with a clean slated to-do list.  Here's hoping.

2.  One thing I'm working on is helping my husband brand his business.  We've always wanted to do this, but never had time.  Now we are slowing down and taking a little time to think about where we want his business to go.  I started a blog to showcase his work (while we wait for web site information).  My brother in law made this little collage on one of his phone app thingys: 

Before, During and Current


3.  I realized that I never posted pictures of Baby L's baptism.  Here's one that I will cherish forever.  My Godparents (Sandy and Jerry) loving on my daughter on her baptism day.


4.  Baby L and her Godmother


5. Baby L. in her baptismal gown. Also my baptismal gown.


6. Remember when I mentioned that I had been using a Hair Straightening Serum as hairspray? And I'd spend ALL this time curling my hair and making it *just so* only to have it fall flat an hour later? Yes...Baby L's baptism day was no exception.


7.  We have one of those video baby monitors.  I used to think it was the most spoiled item, and I had to old adage "remember when monitors were just sound?  what the heck happened?!?!"  Yeah...I'm totally eating those words- because I LOVE THE VIDEO MONITOR!  I can check on her, see what's going on, make sure she's still breathing, AND I can talk back to her.  It's awesome!  (Awesome gift, Wayne and Linda...thank you!)

8.  I'm trying to motivate myself to take up running again.  Trying.  I'm afraid of the potential for pain as Baby L's labor split my pelvic bone.  And my arches...and my lack of muscle tone, etc.  I spent all afternoon clearing off my treadmill.  That, in and of itself, was a workout.  Today, I rest.  :)

9.  We're in a new cleaning routine to help keep C's asthma from getting triggered.  This includes weekly laundering of ALL his bed linens in hot water, and dusting and vacuuming while he's away at school.  Mondays are my day to do this.  So far we're two for two.  I'm proud of myself.  :)

10.  I painted my nails one afternoon last week while I was on hold with the hospital billing department (yes, I was on hold THAT long).  They looked real cute at first.  Now they're peeling.  And look like crap.  And I'm too lazy to strip them down.  Sigh.

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Big Fat Gini said...

Your husband's work is amazing! Truly. Wow! Good luck getting his business branded...I pray that it brings you lots of success.

Baby L is gorgeous. I also have a baptismal gown that I'd held on to in the hopes of having a girl someday. You see how that worked out, ha!

Good luck running. I don't know, it's not my thing. But I'm dying to get back out on my bike and prepare for a race of some kind this year.