Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Way back Wednesday IS Wednesday, right? 

My days are all whonky.

I really feel that the word whonky is grossly underutilized in the English Language.

I think I have a new goal of saying it at least once a day.


There.  Wednesday quota met.  :)

Ok, today's way back picture:

This picture was taken in June, 2000.

That's right.

It's over 11 years old.

We were in St. Goar, Germany.

We had taken a cruise ship up the Rhine River starting in Bacharach and ending in St. Goar.

There's a castle on the hilltop that we had just toured, and walked back town to the village
to check out some shops and family wineries.

Oh, the family winery we found!

Amazing family, fantastic hospitality...

...even better Reisling wine and apricot brandy.

Oh my.

I need to go back just to drink that wine again.

This day was, by far, my most favorite day in Europe.

(second favorite day was Salsburg, Austria)

We were so relaxed on this day.

We saw some fantastic countryside.

Rode on a boat (I'm a water girl).

Found amazing wine.

And I was with my family and my boyfriend - both whom I adored.

And even though it was the end of June, the weather was still chilly enough to wear sweatshirts.

I am not a hot weather girl.

This was heaven for me.

This photo not only makes me want to go back to Germany SO bad,

I'm also now jonesing for some quality wine.


Anonymous said...

Sweatshirt weather is my very most favorite! And I do love good wine! Someday - I'll go to Europe! :)

mrsmarkdave said...

Whonky. That's my new favorite word.
Sweatshirt weather is my favorite, too. I HATE the hot. You are adorable!

Mama M. said...

WHAT'S THAT?! -------------------> Over there, on your sidebar?! SQUEEEEEEE!
Good for you girl! ;)
Will you take me to Germany with you if you go back? Purdy please?