Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Before and ..... um....during.

The other day a friend of mine told me I was looking "amazing."

Sometimes it's hard to accept compliments when I know how much farther I have to go on this journey.

But I need to accept them, and take them with gratitude that someone else is noticing.

So, I looked up some old pictures to show myself just how far I've come (so far).

It's amazing what a difference 9 months makes!

This was our fall picture last year:

Notice I'm strategically hidden behind the kid.  :)

But it doesn't hide my face and all the extra fluff around it.

Here's a picture I took just before starting my running program:

Not even a smile.  :(

Another day...approximately 2 weeks into the running program.

(Not much weight was lost, but at least I have a "smile" on my face.  And got better at creative layering.)

This was taken (by A.) last Sunday:

44 pounds lost, 29 1/2 inches lost, two sizes down, a 5k under my belt, and at level 2 of The Shred:

Close up!

If this isn't motivation to keep me on track, I don't know what is!

More pictures....after the next 30.  :)


Big Fat Gini said...

Yay! You DO look amazing! And you have a gorgeous smile! Keep up the good work, Sandy!

(and hey, let me use a few more exclamation marks!!!!!)

TIFFANY said...

Way to go! You are looking amazing! Can't wait until I can post pics of 44 pounds lost. Thanks for the motivation.

Kathy said...

Wooo Wooo Hot Momma Comin' Through!! Beautiful before, beautiful still. :) I'm so proud of you, I know it hasn't been easy. :)

Sandy said...

Thanks, Kathy....Love ya, girl!

Parenting in blue jeans said...

I woke up thinking about the same thing after our conversation with Kristi last night. I need to enjoy and celebrate every ounce lost! Good job accepting the compliment! You are looking fantastic! It's amazing to swee what you're capable of....I couldn't run even if there was a guy in a trench coat with a knife after me! So gald to have you as a friend. :)

Thomas and Jamie said...

Way to go girl!!!!

Anonymous said...

It's so very true - you are looking awesome - a wonderful payback for all the hard work! It's worth it!

And, the angry face photo totally made me laugh ;)

Sarann said...

Good work, you look great! And besides how you look, I'm sure you feel a lot better too!

Keri said...

Yay!! You're amazing!! :)

mrsmarkdave said...

Wow! Congratulations. That's a lot of hard work!!!!

Melanie Mueller said...

Wow--good for you! That is awesome!!! You look great!!

Brittney said...

Great job!!