Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Things that bring my heart joy

I'm a look-at-the-positive-side kinda girl.  Although, I can get into a bit of a funk with the best of them....but I really prefer to be the eternal optomist.  That being said, I thought I'd do the top ten things that bring my heart joy - whether or not that's the state they're in right now is a different story.  :)

1.  A working computer.  I think its on the fritz.  I spent the better part of an hour this morning with IT support, and have some emails in to the repair guy....just in case....but let's face it....these things don't last forever.  I'll be filled with joy once I'm back up to speed.

2.  Wendy's Berry Almond Chicken Salad.  400 calories of oh.my.yum.

3.  Impromptu visits from friends and family.  I love when people come by unannounced.  No, really I do. (This is not sarcasm speaking.)  The surprise of it all is neat, and as long as they don't judge me by the not-so-cleanly state of my house, its usually a good visit.

4.  Non-allergy ridden nose.  I know not of what this feels like....but I can only imagine a nose NOT ridden with allergies would be sheer bliss.

5.  A completed house.  Yes....this would bring my heart great joy!

6.  Friends.  My friends are that because they have invested time and love into me...and feel I'm worth it.  And I think they're worth it.  And its just a good mix of people in my happy little circle right now.  The level of comfort is awesome, and life is just much more fun with good honest friends around you.  Love you guys!

7.  Family....wait...how'd this get to #7?  Well, it's really #1 to me.  This includes D, A and C.  Gosh, I love those boys!  I love our little family unit.  The boys are just tons of fun, and marriage is awesome.

8.  Extended family.  My parents, my bro and his family, and my in-laws...they're all fun.  Quirky in their own way, but we all love each other.  Looking forward to seeing grandmas and grandpas for C's birthday this weekend.

9.  Church family.  It's amazing the feeling going to church on Sunday.  Like an extension of home.  Feels a little "off" after our pastor retired, but the people are amazing and supportive of each other.  Really, it's amazing!

10.  Our small group.  Our little family within the church family.  Four couples, ten kids.  This is the group I go to first with questions and concerns.  Our tight knit group is socially and spiritually active, and the kids all play SO well all together.  The bond that the four men in the group share is amazing.  Even though they're all so different, they're all like great friends and are willing to move mountains for each other.  I love that my husband has this kind of support, and the ladies in the group are precious to me.

Top Ten {Tuesday}


Anonymous said...

Those are truly joy-filled and joyful things! I'm a llittle afraid for my computer but it's still relatively new - I just pray every day when I turn it on and ask it to do hard work!

Caroline said...

A great list of things to be thankful for!

Anonymous said...

Love your list!

Having spent the morning painting at our new house which currently has no kitchen and torn apart bathrooms, I totally relate to #5!

And #10 is great too! Love, love, love my small group! It's going to be hard to leave them next year to start our own!