Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Sweet little heart

Sunday night
9:30 (ish) pm
We hear the unmistakable sound
the one of a child getting sick.
It was my Baby L.
Making a heinous mess in her crib.
Crying a pitiful cry.
Shaking with adrenaline.
Yesterday, she and I cuddled the day away.
She wouldn't stand,
and only wanted to be held.
I couldn't see her face as we cuddled,
and I wondered if she was asleep.
So, I held out my phone to take a camera of her face.
She wasn't sleeping after all.
But I did come away with one of the most heart-breaking pictures ever.
Oh my sweet heart.
P.S.  Please know that she started bouncing back last night, and is at 80% today.  Looking forward to 100% spit-fire tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

I choose to believe that God knew she'd get into a world of trouble today if He left her at full capacity. What a honey.

mrsmarkdave said...

That is a precious face. Safe in the arms of her mommy.