Monday, March 24, 2014

A list where I will try to be witty, but no guarantees

  • I'm contractually obligated to post once a week per my advertisers.  Here is your post.
  • I'm working on a large fundraiser for our school this week (and last week and the week prior to that...heck, since November).  I liken it to the week before a wedding.  Lots to do. 
  • Per the previous statement, I have fallen off the face of the non-school-related earth for the last month.  I'm sorry, silence is not reflective of how much you mean to me.  I'll be back on Monday.
  • My OCD husband has been very patient with my lack of housekeeping lately.  My house is a Wreck (capital W).  He would do it himself, but...well, he's just as busy or busier than I am.  So...he continues to gently sway and breathe deep.
  • C. started karate on Saturday.  I'd say it was a "win."  And geez...WHY ARE MARTIAL ARTS LESSONS SO BLASTED EXPENSIVE?!?!?  We will not be continuing (at this location) after our groupon is used up.  Cha-ching.
  • A. started baseball.  At batting practice on Saturday, he took a line drive to the head.  Just above his left eye.  You can see scabs from the stitches on the ball.  Lovely.
  • That same evening, Dave took a smack to the left eye in the shed- a rake handle smacked him up well.  His eyelid looks like he had a little 5 year old fun with my pink/purple/bluish eye shadow. 
  • Baby L. has been asking to go potty all week.  I was totally excited thinking this would be the easy one...but alas, it is just an excuse to get her clothes off and try to run around the house naked.  I do believe I'm in trouble with baby-strips-a-lot this summer.
  • I made some paleo chocolate chip cookies.  They are divine.
  • I also made a non-paleo chocolate torte for small group- with raspberry sauce over top.  Even more divine. (and very rich, so I'm really paying for it today!)
  • I keep leaving my phone at my friend, Leah's, house.  What does this say about me?!?!?
  • Baby L. has a crazy mullet.  I'm just going to embrace it and buy her some baby acid wash jeans.   Perhaps a baby camero...  Jean jacket.
  • My toe hurts...I hate shoes.
  • If you see me in sandals and socks today, don't judge.
  • I have rediscovered my hair straightener...and I don't remember why I forgot about it.  I like it.
  • Coffee is done brewing, I'm off.  Happy day to you!


Anonymous said...

I love you, friend! Friday will come soon enough and then you can return to reality!

trooppetrie said...

I am ready to wear sandals again. the funny thing is I do not even like open toe shoes but after all the cold and snow I want to relax and wear comfy shoes