Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday Miscellany (or update...potato, potahto)

1.  For the first time since college, I am battling a hard-core case of insomnia.  I go to bed at 10:30 (ish), lay there until 11.  Sleep until 1am.  Bam.  Wide awake.  No sleep. I'm exhausted, my body is tired... yet, no sleep.  I pray and plan and pray some more.  These 2 hour "naps" aren't enough to keep me going through the next few weeks.

2.  We had our tax appointment today.  My babysitter fell through, so I ended up staying home with the kiddo (I'm so not complaining here!).  Instead of going the evening alone, I quick texted my friend, Michelle, and we got to do dinner together with our kiddos! It was a highlight of my day.  Hooray for impromptu plans!

3.  Baby L. is really starting to feel her oats.  She has SUCH a personality and likes/dislikes, etc. I honestly don't remember the boys being so cerebral at this age.  Cause/effect relationships didn't take hold until 3...possibly 4. She reacts to things... she giggles at farts.  Yes, I said farts.  Then, the big ones she says "WHOA!!!" to.  When she burps, she murmurs, "'Cuse me.". She climbs, climbs, climbs.  She falls, busts open a forehead or a lip, cries and climbs again.  It's insane.

4.  A. has officially finished his basketball season.  They lost more than they won, but he learned a lot.  More about teamwork than about ball handling skills.  The skills will come with practice and good coaching... the teamwork aspect needs to happen first.  I'm glad he had this experience.  But I'm glad that season is over.  Onward to baseball!

5.   C. has had a hard decision to make: continue with soccer or head over to baseball.  Dave wants him to do baseball REALLY bad, but he wants to do soccer again this year.  So soccer it is.  We'll probably go back to the YMCA, but we want a different coach than we had last year.  How do you sign up and say we DON'T WANT a specific coach???

6.  Baby L's new favorite word is "minion.". The things she picks up...sheesh.  (But it's super cute!)

7.  And for your viewing pleasure:

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