Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A full TEN on Tuesday...Folks, I'm coming out of the baby stupor!!!

1. The boys are at day camp this week. They love it. It's Star Wars week. I drop them off at the bus stop at 7:40 and pick them up at 5:20. Then dinner and bed. Lather, rinse, repeat. Today was an awesome send off. And by awesome, I mean they were all dressed and fed. Me? Pajamas, bare feet, pony tail, morning breath, empty tummy and sunglasses. Why sunglasses? It was the only redeeming thing in an otherwise totally tragic situation. And to top it all off, this was the year they decide to instate the “the parent must sign them IN every morning” rule. Oh joy. So what happened? A. brought the sign in book to me. I was that parent that refused to get out of the car.

2. My new sunglasses from last year finally busted. They weren't that quality of a product, but I did really like them. (With the exception of the nose guards...which always got caught in my hair). I finally purchased a new pair- thanks to a nice sale at Kohls. And now I have Kohl's cash to spend the next time I go. And in yesterday's mail (after I returned from Kohl's)? A $10 gift card from Kohls. But of course. Hey fish, see that hook?!?!?!?

3. I purchased a Groupon to get Baby L's pictures taken. She's 8 months old, and I haven't yet done her 6 month pictures. Hello, 3rd child. (side note: I always told myself I'd NEVER be that mom that forgets her kids milestones....ha! Motherhood has humbled me). In my defense, I've tried calling this business 4 times over the past 2 weeks. I always get their answering machine. I always leave a message. They never call back. This is frustrating at best.

4. I have a ton of blog posts to fill you in on. Perhaps a photo dump is in order?

5. That Johnny-Jump-up is all fun and games. Until someone rams her head into the door frame.

6. Yesterday I learned the difference between “bare” and “bear” (I thought bare had more uses, but it certainly does not). And the proper spelling of the word “wonky.”

7. I have 29 bug bites from the ankle down. Not that I'm counting. (note: I totally counted). They didn't bother me until Baby L. woke me at 3am. After handling her needs, I laid back down and promptly felt FIRE coming from my feet. The need to itch was more than I could bear. (word used correctly). (Unpaid) product endorsement: Gold Bond anti-itch is a good thing.

8. I'm trying out a new cleansing program. And there's caffeine in it. I haven't had caffeine in 6 years. So, any is more than I'm used to...but this has quite a bit. Yesterday was my first day. Picture me running in place at the ironing board. Yes....it was a sight. BUT I did get a lot of things done! Apparently, the key to productivity is caffeine.

9. I think that before ANYONE signs on to Facebook, they must take a Facebook ettiquette course. It's really ridiculous. For instance, if you're posting pictures of some one else's kid...TAG THE PARENT! You're putting their child's face on the Internet for the whole world to see. The least you could do is let them know you're doing it. Also...don't share someone else's news before they have. This INCLUDES births, engagements, and deaths. Nothing is worse than finding out my friend's grandfather died through someone else. Really?!?! And also....duck face. No. Never. Nope. Don't go there. Ever. Got it????

10. Baby L. has 5 words: dada (her first....sigh), mama, uh oh, hi, and Ada for her big brother. On the 4th of July, she said her first sentence, “Hi Ada” (She said it to her brother when he walked up to her after being out of sight for an hour or so). Dave heard it too, so I know I wasn't hearing things...otherwise I would have totally disregarded it as a figment of my imagination. She said it to me the next day as I went in her room to pick her up from a nap. “Hi mama” She says “hi” in a sing-songy voice....it's too cute. Except she now calls me BY NAME at 3am. It's harder to ignore “mama! Mama!” Before I would tell myself she was dreaming and nod back to sleep. Now I know she needs me. Sigh.

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