Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1.  My boys, the Tigers, play tonight.  My main main, Justin Verlander, is scheduled to be on the mound.  Here's hoping for a victory!

2.  I'm officially 3 days away from my due date.  If this were the boys' pregnancies, I would have delivered both by now.  This is the longest I've ever carried a baby.  I'm ready to be done.  However, my Dr. appointment today showed no signs of progress from the past 2 weeks.  And slightly elevated blood pressure....which could have been attributed to the nasty headache I've been unable to shake all day....but they'll keep an eye on it.

3.  They told me to make an appointment for next Monday.  Fairly confident they'd see me again.  I almost cried.

4.  And I still have a headache. 

5.  You know you're old when:  your body reacts to incoming high/low pressure systems entering your geographic area.

6.  I can't wait to be able to take ibuprofen again!!!  It seems like the only thing that eases headache pain for me.

7.  The painter is officially done in our house- for now.  He came back yesterday to re-hang all the bedroom and closet doors.  On Friday, we'll see carpeting!  Then, we can officially start moving into our two new bedrooms. 

8.  In the meantime, I've got a few crafts to work on (home decor crafts) and cleaning up my work audit inventory.  I'd like to go into labor without overdue audits.

9.  We're at the point when we call people that they're expecting a baby announcement.  Last night, I called my in-laws and they BOTH picked up the phone at the same time.  As soon as I told them it wasn't related to baby at all, my mother-in-law promptly hung up.  I found this humorous.  :)

10.  Today is Boss' Day!  I got to talk to my boss today- which isn't something I normally get to do- since we are both busy with work, and most of the time (at least, with her) no news is good news.  We just chit-chatted and talked about my work plans for after baby and plans for cleaning up my existing inventory.  She's a really nice lady- and I'm happy to be working for a company with some integrity in the management!

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Michelle B said...

You know, maybe having a housing project you wanted to have complete before baby girl arrived means the minute the carpet gets laid, you'll go into labor... worked for me. We got our carpet installed upstairs and that night the doctor called to tell me to come in to be induced. :) I'm betting you won't make it until Monday.