Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weekend recap- phoning it in

Memorial weekend- 2012.

It was a family fun-filled weekend.

It was blissful.

We're staring down the gauntlet of a summer filled with LOTS of manual labor,
so this was our last(ish...but not if I have anything to say about it) summer-fling.

Yes, I'm aware that Memorial Day starts summer festivities....

....however, we Love Shack inhabitants have work to do.

Anyway, while I had grandiose plans to present a bevy of photographic evidence that fun was had in the PMD family, there was tragedy.

Tragedy = grabbing the camera, and making sure the battery was charged....

....but forgetting to reinsert the SD card from last week's upload.

Crisis (sort of) averted when I remembered that my camera has an itty-bitty primal camera...

...so all hope was not lost.

However, since I am nursing a little baby-brain, I forgot to take some pictures.

So....here's the cliff's notes version of our weekend.

Friday night pizza movie night.

(minus the movie....plus the games and dress up.)

On Saturday (very early) morning, D and A went up to our friend's river cottage to do some work.

D. donated some labor time to our silent auction, and the owners got one of his 2-hour chunks.

So, while he worked that morning,
C and I slept in, slowly ate breakfast, packed everything up, ran to the store, grabbed the dog, and headed up.

We arrived at noon, and he was still working, but A. was grateful for the distraction.

We unpacked and waited for D to get done working, and by 3pm, we were golden for some family time.

The owners were nice enough to offer the house for the rest of the weekend.

Although we didn't stay the whole weekend, it was a nice get-away.

The boys were doing the target-practice game.

We found a BB gun, and a 5-section Styrofoam plate.

Each section had a point amount on it.

D. won.

But C. thought it was AWESOME to be one of the big boys.

There is only about a handful of people on this Earth that will understand what the next two pictures are.

Or where they are.

And even fewer will understand what they mean to me.

Needless to say, there was a portion of Saturday afternoon that was thick with nostalgia.

Back at the river house, we ate dinner and started a fire.

And enjoyed our first batch of s'mores this season.

Complete with Hershey's candy bars confiscated
from the boys' Halloween stash and frozen for the last 7 months.

Funny aside:  the boys had three bedrooms from which to choose for slumbering.  All three bedrooms featured bunk beds.  Two boys, six beds.  Guess what?  They chose to SHARE one bed...a top bunk.  I thought for sure they'd want to separate into different rooms....it was an interesting observation.

D. and I enjoyed the fire pit far into the evening.

Sunday morning, I enjoyed a sweet cup of coffee on the deck.

Quiet solitude.

D and A took Ally out for a morning walk, and C. was still sleeping.

Oh, blissful silence. (you know, other than the sound of nature)

Quite possibly best cup of coffee ever.

Monday, we were home enjoying the local (now open) attractions.

There is a fountain not far from our house that I took the boys to while D. continued working on dismantling the house.

Not pictured:
Nap #1
Steaks on the grill
Nap #2
Walk #1
Nap #3
Sprinkler fun for the boys
Playing with Nick
Nap #4
Loads of laundry
Watching "We bought a Zoo" with the boys
Organizing/ seasonal change over of clothing
A fantastic husband who reattached the A/C to cool his wifey down.
Nap #5


Sarann said...

Sounds like a great weekend, awesome way to start the summer!

Anonymous said...

How fun to be away for the night and enjoy the sounds of silence... and I want to hear the stories of those two photos sometime :) Love you!