Friday, May 25, 2012

5QF....late Friday edition

Normally I post this early on Friday.  I like to get my blog posts in while I'm refreshed and rejuvenated from the previous night's sleep....



Anyway, I am later in posting due to a field day with A's school.  I drove this morning to the field day, and then hung out and cheered my kiddo on before bringing him home for a half (ish) day.  His last run was at 1:10 pm.

He placed twice!  But ended up learning a valuable life lesson on the long run.

Lesson:  Watch out for other kid's feet tripping you from behind.

Homeboy went down hard.  Not only did he gown down, but once he hit the ground three other kids ran on top of him.

But what did my son do?

He got up and started running again. 

He was now in the back of the group, and by the time the race ended, he placed in the top 1/3.

I was proud of him for not giving up, but I knew....I KNEW....he had been looking forward to this race all year.  Every time he talked about it, he would jump on my treadmill to "train."  I knew he was devastated when he fell....but he didn't give up.  I was heartbroken for him....but my mama's heart is proud of his diligence.

I also had some fun with my continuous-click feature on my, there's lots of pics to come.  :)

Oh, and I have blisters and a minor sunburn...even though I put on 40 SPF.....pregnancy hormones anyone?

( I don't normally all, I just brown. 
Thanks, dad, for the pigmented end of the gene pool)

Ok...on with the questions!

1. Are you a napper?

I used to not be.  But then I got knocked up.  And now I am....occasionally.  I'd love to get one every afternoon, but I'm usually going on every 4 days. 

The other day, I told D that I was going to run to the store "real quick."  I went to sit down for a minute to talk to the boys and konked out.  D. comes upstairs 20 (?) minutes later and just started laughing.

Growing people is seriously hard business.  :)

2. What was your favorite subject in school? Most hated?

Favorite subject in school....probably art.  I loved art.  I always looked forward to going.

Most hated.....history.  I found it entirely boring.  It wasn't until I got into college and started taking the (required) courses about details of history that I found it interesting.  For example, the political stories behind the civil war..... or the REAL ideals of the revolutionary war (which, for your information, is used wrong today when people talk about 'separation of church and state.'  It was originally intended to mean no government sponsored churches (i.e. Church of England- which was manipulated by the government).  It's not intended to separate the church from everything....quite the contrary.)

  Anyway, I guess I'm not into generalities.

3. Did you have the something old new borrowed and blue at your wedding? What were they?

My old was a handkerchief that I found when I was cleaning out my grandmother's trailer after she passed away.  I asked if I could keep it, and I tied it to the back of my bouquet.

New- everything I had on...but I really counted the pearl earrings with diamond accents that my mom's friend had made for me at the jade-and-pearl-market in Hong Kong.  You pick every pearl out individually, and they mount them for you.  They were beautiful.

Borrowed - my mother had a cross of her father's that I loved.  He was a pastor, and passed away when she was 14 (50 years ago today, as a matter of fact).  She had it, and let me carry it up the aisle.  His cross was also tied to the back of my bouquet.  I love that a part of him was there.

Blue- there was a part of my garter belt that had a tinge of blue in it.

11 years later, and I can still remember many details of that day!

4. What one thing are you determined to do this summer

Teach C. to tie his shoes.  And perhaps ride a two wheeler.  But since the latter involves running, and my current state doesn't allow for that....that's going to fall under the "daddy" column.

5. Ice cream or Popsicles?

Ice cream, Ice cream, Ice cream!
I actually asked this question because I had a conversation with a lady the other day who stated that she could live without ice cream her whole life, but couldn't go a day without popsicles.  I can only imagine the look on my face...she's a crazy lady!
I found the BEST ice cream's Chocolate ice cream with chocolate covered cappuccino chips and a stream of marshmallow running through it.  Oh. my. yum.
Big plans for the weekend? 
We do!  Kinda....but REALLY hoping for some quality family time with my three favorite guys.  :)


Nani said...

Oh that ice cream flavor sounds good, but do they make it without marshmallow? But I totally agree that live without ice cream? Yes a Crazy Lady!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like your weekend turned out just perfect! :)

I thought maybe that question was from you... I love your questions!