Thursday, May 3, 2012

Random Thursday Post (with pictures!) Spoiler alert: love shack and baby bump

Well, it seems that my brainless Thursday post ramblings are at it again.  I cannot form a themed post to save my life today, so a random post it is.  This time, however, I've been shutter happy over the past few days, get visuals.  :)

  • I brought Ally to our new vet today to have her spay surgery.  It's early, yes, but we are in a contract with the rescue to have her spayed by the time she's 6 months old.  Our new vet is about 20 minutes from our home, but came HIGHLY recommended, and is the most reasonably priced.  In addition, one of our friends from church is a vet there, and will actually be performing the surgery today.  I don't get to see her until tomorrow afternoon, and I hate knowing she's going to feel abandoned.  Looking forward to having our "pack" all together again tomorrow.  (How's that for dog-speak?!?!)
  • As we brought Ally in this morning, there was a dog being wheeled (on a gurney) in the back door wrapped in a sleeping bag.  Then a family of four came in the office side clearly in agony.  I was instantly choking back tears.  I felt so bad for them, and the pain of loosing Molly is just a wee bit fresh.  They've been on my heart all morning.

  • Our mason is back today.  He's completing the "L into a square" venture of the endeavor.  The footies (C's word for footings) were poured at the end of last week, we waited for approval from the Gestapo (D's word for government offices), received approval, and are now the proud owners of a partial wall.  :)  The mason has told me that it should be done today.  Yeah, wall!  (oh, I'm so old).

  • The mason was actually here a few days ago, but had his two boys in tow.  They worked hard with their dad and were very respectful!  C. LOVED the additional company, but that meant I was out there "overseeing" C's activities all day.  One of the boys tripped and hit his head on a block and ripped it open.  Poor kid.  He was so brave.  He (politely!) asked me for a wet rag, and kept calm until his dad could pick up the job site a bit before heading out to the med center.  The whole time, he was apologizing to his dad, "I'm so sorry you have to leave the job, dad."  The mason kept calm, and didn't blame him at all.  They were to the med center and back on the job in an hour.  (whoa!).  The boy got 2 staples and chose to chill out on the picnic table the rest of the day.  Some home- baked chocolate chip cookies from the PMD kitchen along with a few chewable ibuprofen seemed to get him smiling again.  What a brave 8 year old!

  • Meanwhile, interior demolition continues.  We have a few more boxes to pull out, but its essentially ready to go d.o.w.n.  We're waiting for our wall outside to be done so once the whole house is down, the dry-shell can go up quickly.  In the meantime, the kitchen is barely recognizable.

The half-lap logs in the picture (below) were actually the exterior wall of the house when it was first built in 1947.  The kitchen was an addition built a few years later.

  • I had a GNO last night.  Which consisted of a meal out and a few errands run.  We actually roamed Target for about an hour or so.  I cannot tell you the last time I was in Target unaccompanied by children.  It was amazing.  Not for my wallet, though.  Talk about impulse purchases!  (shhhh, don't tell D!)  But I was smart, and looked at clearance stuff.  I even found a new toy for my chewer.

  • Melody made me a gluten free cheesecake.  With chocolate topping.   Upon returning home last night, I promptly cut a sliver of it for dessert.  After hearing me enjoy it, D went up and cut himself a CHUNK.  He enjoyed it almost as much as me.  :) 
Thank you, Mel!

  • Then today, I decided to enjoy another piece for lunch.  However, I had an extra fork pull up.  Apparently, he likes cheesecake as much as I do!

  • I had my MOPS meeting this morning as well.  I just love this group of women that God has brought into my life through this group!  I feel crazy fortunate.  I had TONS of compliments on the waves in my hair today, so I thought I'd share my technique.  I do the no-heat curling technique that I found on Pintrest. (except I don't leave it in overnight...just about an hour in the morning).   Basically, you only need a large stretchy headband.  Here's what I look like while getting ready. 
Keepin' it real.....

(I know, totally hawt, right?!?!?  Sorry, no smile.(wha?)  Not a morning person.  : / )

And, in my haste to get this post up, I have no after picture.  But, it works!

  • And last, but not least, since Mama M. has put in the request for weekly bump pictures, here ya go.


Michelle B said...

I'm sorry but the headband picture cracked me up - you look about ready to kill! Love it (and you)!

mrsmarkdave said...

I LOVE your random posts. Very entertaining.
Your little boys are the most adorable little boys EVER. Both of them.

Rebecca B said...

Beautiful bump :)

Mama M. said...

Squeeee!! A bump, just for me?! LOVE it. Kinda makes me want a bump of my own.

Okay, I lied. Not really.