Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Finding spots

I have to say that even though puppies are hard work,

and sometimes annoying,

I have never had one thought of regret over getting Ally.

I actually think we were so fortunate to get a dog that has such a good temperament.

I've heard her bark about a handful of times now.

She barks at weird things- like C. throwing a plastic lawnmower down the slide.

And the UPS man.

That's about it.

D and I love that she's a funky mix of dog (dalmatian and boxer).

She literally looks like a boxer in dalmatian clothing!

And now that we've had her for 6 weeks, we're learning her personality.

She's feeling more at home-

(sha, right....she was at home the minute we opened the door).

So, here's a few new pics of my Ally-girl.

The basement couch is the place all clean/unfolded-laundry goes as a reminder to fold it.

It's exactly 21" from the back of my computer chair.

She lays on the end closest to me.  :)

See the spots on her paw pads? 

I think that's just too darn cute!

She watches me closely.  :)

She has spots around her eye lids.  :)

And her nose is marked with spots.

Her lips are also spotted, which in the front makes her look like she's wearing some strange
goth-style lipstick.  :)

This is the point in the photo session where she lets me know that I'm kinda freaking her out,
and she's done taking pictures for the moment.

There's a paw print shaped cluster of spots on her side that I adore. 

I'm hopeful they won't grow into each other as she matures.

There's even spots in the roof of her mouth!!!

(Look beyond the paw and you'll see some- hey, YOU try to get a picture of a dog's mouth!)

First thing in the morning after D. lets her out, she RUNS downstairs to cuddle with me in bed.

Then she'll remain there until I boot her out.

I think she'd sleep all day in there if I let her.

And just so you don't think my puppy is perfect....

Here's something I found in the living room the other day.

That poor poor plant!

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