Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wednesday Random

Random seems to work well for me right now.  I can spit out thoughts in bullet points as they pop into my head....which may or may not give you an indication of how quickly my mind spins from one thing to another.

 And the fact that you still come back and read the blog astounds me.  :)

  • just too darn cute.  She's a smart dog, but not stubborn (like Molly was).  Molly actually had a few bad manners that I'm working diligently at making sure Ally doesn't have.  One of them is good car manners.  So far, Ally has been on a ride at least once a day since we got her.  She's not at all a fan of her as soon as she's a bit older and bigger, I'm excited to get rid of it.  Probably not as excited as she is.
  • Today has been a fantastic day, and things in general are starting to come together in a good direction.  It doesn't hurt that it is 64 degrees out in Michigan today.  :)
  • I have a slew of play dates/ coffee dates/ and just plain-old-get-togethers scheduled for the next few weeks.  I seem to do this every spring when coming out of hibernation from the winter.  I'm excited to reconnect with some friends.
  • Instead of giving something up for Lent, I've decided to be intentional about something for these 40 days.  I'm intentionally picking one person in my life and spending my thoughts that day praying for them.  Who gets on the list?  Well, I'm leaving that up to God.  I'll pray in the morning, and usually within the next few minutes, He'll place someone's name on my heart.  The first few names were of people I really (really, really) didn't like.....apparently, He's got some work to do on me still.  :)  But I prayed for them anyway.
  • I [heart] pistachios
  • I've signed the boys up for spring sports.  A chose baseball again, and C chose soccer league.  Which essentially means a few things: 1) I'm now broke from purchasing equipment/ apparel and 2) next month, I will be crazy busy two nights a week and Saturday mornings.
  • I sat down to watch the Biggest Looser last night, and promptly fell fast asleep.  Ally cuddled up nice a close...and we dozed for 2 hours when I woke, stuck her in the cage and went down to bed.  Apparently, I was one tired girl.
  • It's National Lutheran School's Week this week.  Today was dress-up day (they had chapel today anyway, and usually dress up...but hey...).  It was also "move-up" day.  Each grade got to got pretend to be in the next grade up.  Which meant for an hour this morning, I had a kindergartner and a 3rd grader.  Heaven, help me next fall.
  • It's March 7, and I have yet to fill out my dinner schedule for the month.  Which means I'm haphazardly throwing dinners together.  I have NOTHING thawed or planned for tonight.  Which means one thing:  taco night.
  • A few preparations and demos have been happening inside and outside the Love Shack.  A few interior walls have come down, and landscaping rocks are being moved.  The time is coming soon!

That's all I've got.


mrsmarkdave said...

I love your random posts.

Kate said...

I adore you, friend. Thank you for praying for me today <3

Anonymous said...

When can we plan a date to come meet Ally?

Joy and Randy said...

So excited for you guys as you move into the next phase of your house reconstruction! We can't wait to see its progress in August. ;)
p.s. TACOS ROCK!!!