Friday, June 10, 2011

Random Friday List +prayer request (and some 5QF!)

1.  I haven't blogged much the past few days.

2.  Something is happening tomorrow that I'm growing increasingly nervous and anxious about.

3.  And I had a discouraging day yesterday - which compounded my nerves and anxiety.

4.  Fortunately, God placed some pretty awesome people in my life to help me while I limp along.

5.  They're keeping my eyes on Him.

6.  And helping me close the door to negative self-talk.

7.  Which I'm very prone to do to myself.

8.  So, please pray for me today and tomorrow.

9.  I'll post tomorrow (afternoon) and fill y'all in.

10.  But for now, just please pray. let's have some fun!

1. How close to your childhood dreams is your life now?


Oh....I was such a naive little girl.  Dreams of white picket fences have made way with kitchen ceiling critters.  My two story cape cod has been replaced with the Love Shack.  My dreams of the "million dollar famly" (one boy and one girl) have been replaced by my two boys.  My Ken Barbie husband has been replaced with the hottest, most honest carpenter.

Guess what?

I wouldn't change a thing.  God certainly knows what he's doing.  And I'm thankful that he didn't give me the desires of my seven-year-old heart.  These two boys are such a blessing and a joy of my heart.  My husband?  Well....frankly, he puts Ken Barbie to shame with his hotness.  My house...while I'd prefer to be done with the whole construction zone thing, is not only teaching me a valuable lesson in patience, but it's also giving me a blessing of a NEW house without a mortgage payment to accompany it.  That's way better than any 7 year old's keeping-up-with-the-joneses/i-need-stuff-to-impress-everyone-else dream.

2. What is one must have item for the summer?

I have two.  Sorry, not playing by the rules here.
First, bug spray.  I hate bug bites.  I really dislike bugs period.  Gross.

Second, Tevas.  I have found that they are the only summer sandal that fits my uber flat feet without causing my hips to ache or blisters on my feet.  No cheap knock-offs for me.  They don't work right.  A $35 lesson I've recently learned.  Ugh.

3. Do you have your kids stay up on school stuff during summer vacation? (Or, if you don't have kiddos, did your parents make you keep up on school stuff during summer?)

Yes, we do!  My thought on it is, #1, it gives my boys something do work on while I work.  #2, it keeps their minds sharp.  #3, while all the other kids are "catching up" at the beginning of the school year, my boys are just fine.  I dig that.  I also like having something educational to do with them in the summer.

4. Do you can or freeze fresh produce?

I do some freezing, but I'd love to get into canning more.  Growing up, my parents canned SO much!  We had fresh canned produce from my dads garden almost all winter.  It was wonderful.  And it saves our bodies from the chemicals of packaging in plants and factories.  I'm loving that idea!  So, strawberry season is fast approaching!  I'm all over it....right, Kathy?!?!?

5. Do you get ready for the day first thing in the morning?

Depends on what we've got going on.  If I'm working out later in the morning, I'm in jammies until I work out.  If I have to get somewhere, I'll get ready, but not put a lot of effort into it until after my work out.  If I'm not working out, then yes...I get ready right away.  If I stay in jammies that I'm more prone to lounge and be unproductive.

Have a great weekend everyone!


mrsmarkdave said...

I'll be praying for you!
And Tevas? It took MUCH convincing by my co-workers, but I finally caved two years ago and...well, let's just say - my doctor told me to quit wearing flip flops (I have special orthotics for tennis shoes), but Tevas make it IMPOSSIBLE to be obedient.

Staci said...

I also just prayed for you for what you are going through. The Lord knows and I prayed that He would calm your heart and give you a blessed day with your boys.

I found you through 5QF!! I always have great intentions with my kiddo's and working with them on school, but we never have a set schedule. I have to get better at it!! Blessings to you!!

Unknown said...

I've always been interested in learning how to can produce. I have to see if I can manage to do some of that tis summer.

Mama M. said...

Hmmmm, maybe that's my issue. Think if I get dressed I'll actually, *gasp*, get something done?!

And, this "thing" you've got going on it that thing I know about? You've got my prayers, regardless, but GO GET 'EM GIRL, if it's what I'm thinking of!!!


Anonymous said...

You are going to do great tomorrow - no worries - you've got this! SO wonderful to see you today! Always a nice capper on the week!